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Jung So Min in Sure Magazine

wow! she can really pull off any look

Jung So Min with glasses

she's really pretty here, very very pretty

Playful kiss Behind the Scenes Pictures

Source: Jung So MIn CY + jsominchina 
Mijoo-Pearl from Soompi


 I loved Jung So Min because of Playful kiss
She was the Heart and Soul of the drama and i truly believe that Playful Kiss would have never been the same without her
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Thank you so much!! Playful kiss FTW!

Jung So Min in K-Swiss

Wow she is really cute..and love the dress by the way hehehe

Credit: jungsomin.com and Naver

Jung So Min-Epoch Times Interview

Credits: Epoch Times
pinkk3p of Baidu for Chinese Translation
English Translations by The_Zephyr at soompi Minjoong thread

Actress Jung So Min, ‘Acting is to face the many personas of oneself’

-Hi. Since the shooting of the drama has ended, you should be free now right?
“Yes, during the shooting of the drama, we filmed through the whole night until the next morning nearly everyday. I was really very busy, but I am more free now.”

-As an actress, what is acting?
“Although I am only ‘one person’, we cannot have just one defined personality. This is because deep inside our hearts, we have more than one persona. Acting is a profession in which you express those many personas inside your heart. Sometimes one would feel ashamed of this kind of profession, while other times it would rob you of your heart.”

- In ‘Playful Kiss’, how did you feel as you acted alongside Actor Kim Hyun Joong?
“Hyun Joong OPPA is naturally a good person, and is very nice to me. During that time, there were only small jokes, and there was not even a single joke that was too overboard.”

Recently, Jung So Min has been learning how to sing. It is not because she wants to be an idol singer, but because she wants to be a more all-rounded actress. She dreams of being in a musical and on stage.

-    As compared to her age, Jung So Min also has a mature side. It seems that you do not whine and have child-like behaviours now.
“I will. I have done that to my mother a lot of times.’

Jung So Min Featured as one of 2010′s Top Rookie Actors

Credits to Johnelle and seoulbeats
For Full article go to : http://seoulbeats.com/2010/11/who-are-2010s-top-rookie-actors/

Jung So-min broke through in 2010 with not one, but two huge roles in popular kdramas this year.  She played a memorable Hong Mo-ne in Kim Nam-gil‘s last drama before entering the military Bad Boy.  Shen then charmed audiences with her dim, yet lovable and unstoppable Oh Ha-ni in Playful Kiss.

Jung So Min's CY music playlist

credit goes to her baidubar

1. Drug Dealer (A Love Song) - Sunshine State
2. 키스 해줄래-G.NA
3. One More Time (원모 어 타임) - 김현중
4. 사랑 한다 말할까 - 씨스타 (소유)
5. 우리 처음 만난날 - 한희정
6.Sun and Moon - Simon Bowman, Lea Salonga
8. 어디 에 - U.S.)
9. 혼잣말 - 정엽
10. 기다림은 상처 만 남기고-BMK
11. 웃지 마 울지마-4men, 장혜진
12. 슬픈 여자 - 서윤
13. 고해요 - 4men (Feat. Ben Of Bebe Mignon)
14. 가시꽃 - 정엽
15. 잔소리-IU (With 2AM 슬옹)
16. Aruarian Dance-Nujabes
17. 지금 은 우리 가 멀리 있을 지라도 - 김광민
18. 시간 아 멈춰라-DAVICHI

Jung So Min - Elle Korea

credits: snowflakesj16

Jung So Min Interview for Innolife

A repost of the Innolife interview...I particularly love this interview because it seem candid and we gained few more insights about her.


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English translation by ss501@soompi

Since your partner/costar is Kim Hyun Joong, do you feel pressure?
“When I was young, I have learned dancing, I just started acting thinking that it might be useful/helpful for dancing. Anyway … “, if tell by emotion, like a late autumn day, when walking on the famous street full of falling golden/yellow leaves, I suddenly caught/saw it. Like in the drama Playful Kiss, when Oh Ha Ni, with those lovely smiling eyes, jump out playfully and said, “Nice to meet you (Happy to meet you).”

As a girl with excellent high school achievement, personal goal and good results/achievements are preparations for her to take the first step (she was accepted to study at the Korea University of Arts in acting).
“Actually, I’m quite lucky (laughs), study/learning also brings happiness, when I first started acting, I feel that this job is right for me. Until now I’ve achieve pretty good results. When first appeared in the drama Bad Guy, I was loved by many and considered as the second Yoon Eun Hye, and recently I even collaborated/worked with Kim Hyun Joong.”

Indeed, Bad Guy can be considered as a successful shot, opening the way for a new actress to enter the world of entertainment. Then, with Playful Kiss, she has successfully emerged as a leading actress. In fact, for Jung So Min, Playful Kiss is a gift.
“When I first heard I was chosen, I was really surprised … I know there are many candidates … The director has think highly of me, hahaha … So, to reach/to fulfill/to repay everyone’s expectations, I have tried all my best.”

As a costar of Kim Hyun Joong, who is not only famous in Korea but recently has also become a Hallyu star (became famous) throughout Asia, do you feel a lot of pressure?
“I just want to do my best as an actress. Kim Hyun Joong has helped me a lot throughout the filming process. Maybe he doesn’t want me to feel too much pressure/stress. After completing 16 episodes, I still feel sorry/regretful about some things, but with the Youtube special, that feeling has disappeared.”

Although the TV version of Playful Kiss doesn’t receive high ratings, but the special edition on Youtube, after the first episode has received 360,000 views, and after the 2nd day, all around the world has receiced a total of over 520,000 views.
For many actors, it’s hard for them to forget/leave (escape) their characters after the drama is over, especially for new actors taking on leading roles for the first time. Jung So Min said Oh Ha Ni is really special character for her. When saying goodbye Oh Ha Ni, how does Jung So Min feels?
“Yes … To me, Hani is a very special character. So I need more time (to adjust when filming is over), now I still feel familiar/close to Oh Ha Ni. There’s still a feeling that we will continue filming (filming will continue) tomorrow… During the time we film together, even Kim Hyun Joong said that he’s used to calling me Oh Ha Ni, so when he called me Jung So Min it feels a little unfamiliar (different/not used to it). Anyway it has ended, how to say goodbye to Oh Ha Ni will take time and will sadden me (give me a headache) for a while,” she shares her sympathy and feelings about this. Feelings of regret and sadness had clearly shown in her. Clearly, Oh Ha Ni will forever be a shadow/character that can never be easily erased/forgotten for Jung So Min.

Not long ago during the press conference for the Youtube special edition, you have received many compliments about your dress (style), when you read the news, how do you feel about it?
“To everyone who compliment me, I’m very grateful, I also have that side to me? A very new feeling (laughter)”

Now is the time to select your next project, have you select any good project?
“I had just finished the drama, I want to take a little break. About the new role I still haven’t consider any yet … (laughs). Recently, I have been watching/following the drama “Mary stay out all night” of  Kim Jae Wook, a cast member from Bad Guy, I think that the drama will succeed. I will continue to watch it. I had just seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind”, it is excellent, the acting has also deeply impressed me. Hopefully I can act like Kate Winslet, have both soft and cool qualities, but also can pull people in.”

Who are your idols?
“I don’t have any special idols. No matter who the senior actors (sunbaes) are, if I can learn from them, I’m not going to set any limits for myself.”

When looking at this new actress talk about her own progress, her future plans, or about her image, we can see that she, an actress with strong expression, clearly show her stand/point of view, to the audience/others, how should I say this … I have the feeling that in the future she will become a big star. Isn’t it enough evidence for us to love/care for Jung So Min now?

My Jung So Min Impression

This is a re-post from my blog. This are my impressions about our lovable Jung So Min.

Simplicity is beauty... I've learned this phrase a long time ago, whenever I heard this the first thing that pops into my head is a lady which embodies beauty, grace and intelligence.  But only few ladies would come to mind.

Now if you asked me to name one fine example of that phrase, I can immediately say one name...Jung So Min.
Jung So Min
Such a lovely young lady!
Jung So Min, as far as I know started as a commercial model then turn into an actress. She did debut in the drama Bad Guy where she did play the role of  Hong Mo-Nae, the spoiled and treated like a princess youngest daughter of the Hong family. At first I thought she was just another new face which have a resemblance to one of the considered A-list TV actress in Korea, Yoon Eun Hye. But surprisingly she did well in her first acting job and even though she's not the lead in the drama yo cant't help but notice her and be impress with her. She has played Mo-nae with certain air of being a brat but you can still relate to her. And in the long run as the drama continues to lagged it was So Min who helped to finished that one heck of the drama. After Bad Guy, I did note of her and got curious for her next project.
I got to admit I have a girl crush on her!
Then Playful Kiss came along, as far as the news were concerned many young actresses were considered for the role of Oh Ha Ni the Korean Version of the female  lead for Itazura na Kiss. But luckily So Min was the chosen one. 

As many PKissers would admit, they came to watch PK because of Kim Hyun Joong but stayed because of Jung So Min. We do say this not because to discredit Hyunnie for all his hardwork in PK but to emphasize that without So Min's Oh Ha Ni, his Baek Seung Jo role would be totally different. As they say it takes two to tango! And also at first I was bit worried about her and Kim Hyun Joong having chemistry together but fortunately my worries were baseless because the two of them did have a great chemistry on and off the screen that you can't help but feel so happy and giddy just watching them together!
The chemistry between these two can't be denied!
It also show how well So Min nailed her role as the slow but lovable Oh Ha Ni. As Oh Ha Ni, So Min played her with enthusiasm, joy and such energy that you can't help but wonder on how she can do that (along with her wonderful expressions and hundreds of hairdos!) I loved her version of Oh Ha Hi to pieces!!! Jung So Min did really help to carry the drama and to make it a success!
One of the few looks that So Min rocks!

And as I continue to love her character I also came to love So Min. So I did little research about this darling and found out many interesting bits about her. Got to know that she still study in college, who loves and do classical dances, she also have a great taste in music which are also based on wide and different genres (she loves broadway, pop, classics!). And also just basing in her interviews you could came up to the conclusion that she's sensible, rational and does really have a good head on her shoulders which is such a rare treat for a young lady especially now in the entertainment industry. You can really see that her aim is not just to be a star or celebrity but as an actress who really excel in her craft. And I think she's willing to re-invent herself just t broaden her horizon and to gain more experience and to be better in what she does, I cant really help but to admire this girl! I'm now a certified Jung So Min fan!

Simple yet adorable!
And I love that she does carry herself with grace and simplicity. It really does speak so much about her and that what makes her more lovable! I'm so looking for her future projects, and even though she is till consider as a newbie for me she's already the future star the we all should look out for! Shine brightly Jung So Min!

Jung So Min - Vogue Girl Photoshoot

credits: sunluvfish


Jung so min in Take MV

credit: kimforangie


Jung so min in Old fish

credits: kestry1 in youtube

So min's interview

Credit: JangKissSubs2


Interview with actress Jung So-min

Disclaimer: This is a repost of a news article credit goes to www.10asia.co.kr

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin
Editor : Lucia Hong

Photographer : Chae ki-won
My name is Jung So-min. My friends and I had a contest to pick out my stage name but I myself chose the name.    

I was born on March 16, 1989. I am a junior at the Korea National University of Arts majoring in acting but I'm currently taking a semester off.   

My family consists of my mom, dad and my little brother who is a senior in high school. I get into fights with my brother but they don't last for more than five minutes. We hang out a lot because I really like him and I'm glad he doesn't think I'm annoying. (laugh)   

I learned ballet from elementary school until middle school. I had to quit because my parents were against it and I started to learn Korean traditional dance when I was in high school. If I continued to dance I probably would have done work relating to visiting other countries to spread the Korean traditional dance.  

When I was a senior in high school, my dad didn't know that when I took my college entrance exam I changed my major to acting. I told him after I was accepted and he was furious. I think my dad began to change his mind when he received the tuition bill for my college and saw that it was zero won because of my scholarship. (laugh) I think that was when he began to trust me.   

However, my grades after entering school were...We have a saying in our school 'Don't think about graduating if you haven't been on academic probation at least twice.' It's because we are assigned a lot of work and the schedule is tight. It was hard to maintain my grades while working really hard and sleeping only three or four hours a day.    

This year for the school play, I was cast to play the role of Hermia for Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and it was quite sad because I had to take a semester off to shoot "Bad Boy." There aren't that many opportunities to be in a traditional play.    

When I was still in school I really liked physical education. I remember that I won an award in the long run against other students at school and I'm also good at physical fighting.   

I actually like to take part in sports rather than watch them. I was the only girl who took part in the soccer match during the "Bad Boy" rally. I'm better in baseball than other girls and actor Kim Jae-wook told that my pose is similar to that of a major league baseball player. (laugh)   

I've only seen actor Kim Nam-gil on television and it was hard to approach him at first because he seemed so serious but after getting to know him, we joked around a lot.

The yacht scene during the first half of "Bad Boy" was shot during March. So it was really cold and after the cameras went off I was shaking because I was wearing just a dress.   

There are people who say I look younger than my age and others say that I'm very grown-up like. Veteran actress Kim Hae-ok, who plays my mom in "Bad Boy," said I'm like a high school student wearing regular clothes and kept saying "You're like a 15-year-old!" (laugh)    
My first paid gig was a commercial for SK Telecom (a telecommunication company in Korea). I gave the entire paycheck to my mom but she accepted it without even blinking an eye. She said "Don't think that you can make things up to me with this. You don't know how much money I spent on you!" (laugh) Of course I still get an allowance.   

When I get my allowance all I do is eat. (laugh) I also like to buy things for others. When I have the money I spend it and buy things thinking "So and so will like this!"   

I try to watch a play at least once a week or every other week. My managers and I bawled after we watched the play "The Most Beautiful Goodbye" which was originally written by writer Noh Hee-kyung. Afterwards when I went home, I told my mom that I would do my best. (laugh)

I am also interested in musicals. I began to learn to sing after my college entrance exam but unfortunately I'm not gifted in it. I thought if I practiced I would get better but if I had to evaluate myself objectively? I don't see it happening. (laugh)   

My favorite movie genre is thrillers and reasoning movies where you have to use your brain. I became interested in thrillers because of the movie "Identity." I also enjoyed watching "Our Town." I don't really like action movies but I like films that have action and create tension like "Taken."   

The thing that I want to do the most is to get a florist license. I don't have any skills in art but I like flowers and matching them with different colors. When I act or dance my actions are shown directly but I really want to learn how to create a different feeling with these pieces. However, the tuition fee is a bit too expensive...