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HyunMin Fanfic: The Business of Love Chapter 3!

We do feel good that you guys like this fanfic, so without further ado below is the Chapter 3!

Enjoy it HyunMins!

Chapter 3: The Meeting

The Meeting - jungsomin kimhyunjoong romance - chapter image

So Min checked her watch and it said 6:00 o’clock.  She only had half an hour to get ready for dinner with Kim Hyun Joong.  She took a deep breath and asked herself if it was really a good idea to meet him for dinner tonight.  Obviously the guy has no manners and thinks that he can boss people around.  But So Min convinced herself that this was a good opportunity for her to end this craziness, once and for all.

“So Min, are you in there,” she heard Seung Ah calling outside her office.

“Yes, I’m still here.  Please come in, I need your help,” So Min said.

Seung Ah was the first person she hired when she opened the dance studio five years ago.  Going through the ups and downs of establishing a business from the ground up, Seung Ah has proven herself to be a trustworthy and reliable employee.  Soon their working relationship turned into a friendship So Min will always be thankful for.

“Are you okay?  You look frazzled?” asked Seung Ah.

“Yes, I need to meet someone for dinner and I’m running late,” said So Min.

“You are going on a date?  Since when?  Who is he?  Do I know him?” Seung Ah gave So Min a curious look.

“No, this is not a date.  His name is Kim Hyun Joong and he is the President of Kim Investment Bank.  Sorry, but I don’t have time to discuss this now.  Can you please help me choose a dress to wear tonight?”

            They went through her closet and both decided on the black chiffon dress.  So Min keeps a couple of dresses in her office for unexpected social obligations.  Although the dinner tonight hardly qualifies as a social obligation, she thought.

“Ok, let me see,” and Seung Ah started typing away on the computer. 
 “What are you doing? Are you looking him up on the internet?”

“Of course.  I need to know who this guy is.” 

Not so bad So Min, not so bad,” said Seung Ah.

“What do you mean not so bad?” So Min asked.

“Come here, look at his picture.  The guy is gorgeous!  Is this the guy you are meeting for dinner tonight?  I’ll date him anytime if you ask me,” Seung Ah said jokingly.  “And a well-accomplished gentleman too!”

So Min stared at the computer.  Seung Ah was right.  He is quite a handsome man.  He is much younger than she thought and as much as she didn’t want to admit it, Kim Hyun Joong is a very attractive man.

Minutes later, a call from the reception came in to inform So Min that a car was waiting for her outside.  She brushed her hair for the last time, said goodbye to Seung Ah, and headed outside the building.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The traffic was light and they made it to the hotel a few minutes earlier than expected.  As soon as she got out of the car, a hotel staff greeted her and escorted her towards the Seasons restaurant. 

So Min recognized Kim Hyun Joong from afar.  As she approached the table, she could hear her heart pounding.  All of sudden she felt conscious of what she was wearing and wondered if her dress was too revealing.   It took a lot of self control for So Min not to fidget as she introduced herself to Kim Hyun Joong.

“Let’s drop the formalities, shall we?  Just call me Hyun Joong.”

So Min noticed that Kim Hyun Joong already took the liberty of ordering a bottle of champagne for them.

“I know we have a lot to talk about, but can we please order first?  I’m starving.”

“That’s fine with me.” So Min agreed.

They placed their orders and as the waiter walked away Kim Hyun Joong offered So Min a glass of champagne.

So Min sipped the much needed drink to get her through the evening.

Soon enough So Min started to get impatient.  She couldn’t wait any longer.  She needed to ask.

“Why me?  Why include the marriage in your deal with my father?”

“It’s simple.  I’m trying to establish my business here in South Korea and I need to build my connection.  Your family is one of the most influential families here and I need to be a part of that. “ Kim Hyun Joong said.

“Are you serious?  You think you can use marriage as part of your business decision?  What about feelings for each other?  What about love? ” So Min was flabbergasted.

“So Min, I’m not in the business of falling in love, I’m in the business of making money. The way I see it this is a win-win situation for me and your family.  Your father needs my help to save your company and I need your family’s connections.”

“And who said I will marry you?” asked So Min.

“Why not?  The last time I checked you are not seeing anyone.  It’s been a while since you last broke up with Lee Hong Ki.”

“You obviously did your homework.  Yes, I’m no longer seeing Hong Ki but we are still friends,” defended So Min.

Lee Hong Ki was a sore topic for So Min.  It took a while before she was able to get over him.  Having a relationship with a celebrity was close to impossible.  Although she and Lee Hong Ki agreed to remain friends, the truth was they haven’t seen each other in a long while.

“You know what? I had enough of this.  I don’t need to listen to this anymore. I don’t even know you!”

“Then get to know me.  My office is hosting a cocktail event this Saturday evening.  Why don’t you come with me?”

“Do you seriously think I will go out with you again after tonight? You are impossible!”

“What can I tell you?  You obviously have this grand idea of what a relationship should be in your head.  You have to understand life is not just all about love, you know.”

“Okay, that’s it!  I really had enough of this.  I need to go.  I assume your driver will take me back to my studio?”  So Min got up and was ready to leave.

“Wait, I’ll walk out with you.” Kim Hyun Joong offered.
So Min wanted to say no but she was too exhausted to argue with him.

While waiting for the car to arrive, Hyun Joong reminded So Min about the cocktail event on Saturday.

“I don’t think so.” So Min replied.

“Really?” asked Kim Hyun Joong with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, really,” So Min quickly replied.

“Let’s see about that.  Come over here.” 

Before So Min could react, Hyun Joong grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.  Suddenly his lips were on hers.


Another Batch of So Min's School Pics!

As So Min is busy in schoolnowadays, more of her old school pictures are surfacing.
We some of this were from her trips with classmates and others are from 
the rehearsal of her theater play.

Let's have a look Minnies!

She's really a ball of adorableness!
So cute!!!!

I suddenly who the guy is? Hehehehehe!

Theater play rehearsal!

Seeing her rehearsal pics for a theater play makes me wish that So Min would
 star on her own theater play!
I hope she can do roles in the famous plays like CATS, Le Miserable and others!
I know she would be great at it! 

credits: jung so min thread in baidu
snowflakej16 of soompi