Monday, January 3, 2011

Pics of Peace

We all know how MinMin loves to take pictures, most specially Selca pics.
She also loves to make funny and different expressions when taking pictures
But I think her most common would be the peace sign gesture.

Below are her two pics, with her doing the peace sign!
As always, she's so adorable!!!

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The first was with Lee Tae Sung sunbae, they are seem close to each other.
I feel MinMin and Lee Tae Sung have a good working relationship and becomes reall good friends while filming PK.

Ok, I admit the main reason I made this article so I could post this adorable picture of MinMin with Kim Hyun Joong. But can you blame me? Just look how they are ridiculously cute together, my shipper heart is having palpitations.
And seeing this picture makes me reminisce the BTS and
 the sweet backhug at episode 14 of PK.

My adoration  and love for Playful Kiss will never waver! And that's a promise!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi

MinMin Cyworld Updates!


Sorry for such a fangirl reaction but our dearest Minmin updated her Cyworld on Jan. 02, 2011 with lots of Playful Kiss Selca pics!

Its good to see her own Playful Kiss Selca pics and with Lee Tae Sung as well.

But of course nothing beats the Selca pic with Kim Hyun Joong which really brings out the Hyunmin Shipper in me!

It makes me miss them more!!!
I miss my Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani!

Please comeback with Season 2 of Playful Kiss!

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My favorite couple!
Oh Hani and Beak Seung Jo!
If my PK memory serves me right this was during
the Jeju Honeynoon on Episode 15
I LOVE episode 15 and I know you all know why!
Spazz galore HyunMins!

Posted Image
Minmin with her Lee Tae Sung sunbae!

         And of course the Selca pics of her adorable self!

Posted Image
I think this is during the filming of the honeymoon scene
Pouting b'coz your tired of practicing the "carry scene"?
But in the scene, your not the one who did the carrying right?

Posted Image
MinMin please don't stare and pout at us with that doe eyes of yours
You know we can't resist you if you do that, right Baek Seung Jo?

Posted Image
The beautiful bride of Baek Seung Jo
MinMin during that time, seems like she's glowing like a true bride!
I suddenly wonder what you will look like if you marry in real life MinMin
Hmmm, now it got me curious!

Posted Image
If you will be the replacement of Santa Claus,
can you grant my wish that PK will have its season 2?
I've been a good PKisser and promise to continue to be a good one
 so I hope you will grant it!

Well, there you have it! I hope she would update her Cyworld with more pictures!
 But I'm curious about one thing, MinMin updated her Cyworld and he just posted a message.........nah! Its just coincidence!
Don't mind me! I'm just being playful and curious! Hahahahaha!

credits:, snowflakesj16 and mijoo-pearl of soompi, cyworld