Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jung So Min's Possible Leading Men in MV's!

Remember my post regarding the possible leading men for MinMin in her next drama?
Well, I think someone is thinking same things as I am as he/she/they made little MV's regarding MinMin's possible leading men.

Below are the MV's

With Lee Min Ho

With Kim Soo Hyun

With Jung Il Woo

With Lee Seung Gi

Well, to be honest I'm looking for what's in store for the future projects of MinMin
I've reached to the point where in I don't mind MinMin being fair up with other others because I know this is what MinMin needs to be able to expand her horizon as an actress

But I will say this again, I will always be a HyunMin and will always wish 
that in the right time my fave OTP will still be back in each other's arms!
 I'm truly madly deeply inlove with the PK adorable couple!

credits: rahmangfan, soulflower5, gryzek5mv and caritodrew of youtube

Jung So Min's Little MV's!

I was looking around in Youtube trying to find something about 
our princess MinMin well luckily I stumble upon these little MV's of MinMin! 
These MV's were made by RahmanGFan!

Take a look Minnies!

I like these little MV's for MinMin
Every MV features little things about MinMin
The dramas, CF's, endorsements were all there!
Hope for more MV's the features our dear MinMin!

Again thanks to RahmanGFan for making these lovely MV's!

credit: rahmangfan of youtube