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MinMin Cyworld Update Jan 05!

Wow, MinMin is sure on the roll in updating her Cyworld.
Just recently she just updated her Cyworld with her Playful Kiss pics.

She must missed filming Playful Kiss because these past few days she keep updating PK pics.
Well, not that I'm complaining 'coz for me the more the better!
Well any ways, below are the pics she updated.

Posted Image
I don't like it when  Oh Hani is sad!
Aigoo, just seeing MinMin pout with sadness makes me sad too!

Posted Image
Jung So Min with her famous Mickey Mouse ears hairstyle!

I wonder why she  was updating in almost 4 am. 
And why all the pictures she updated were pouting?
Hmmmm....can't sleep MinMin or you woke up so early?

Well, I do hope you'll have a great day ahead of you MinMin!
And please smile!
"Coz I start to feel good when you smile" -Baek Seung Jo

credit: vanilla96 of soompi, jung so min's cyworld

Another PK Review

I know, I know, most of you are all tired of reading reviews for our favorite Playful Kiss specially if sometimes the reviewer don't seem to see eye to eye with our opinions. But please bear with me my dearest Minnies, HyunMins, Hyunnies and PKissers.

I do post this reviews for us to be reminded that even though Playful Kiss (the series) didn't reach higher ground in terms of ratings but one thing I am sure of Playful Kiss did touch us in one way or another. And for me, that is what matters most.

Below is the excerpt of EnDoDo4ever!

Playful Kiss
The Leads did really carry the Drama!
Love them Much!

I’m almost embarrassed, but proud to admit that I’m a PKisser, having stalked the internet daily for over eight weeks for recaps and news of Playful Kiss. Never before did I join online forums or threads until this drama came along. What’s interesting is that this drama should have come and left quietly, yet it sparked a tremendous online fandom as well as a few controversies. It’s a flawed drama with monkey editors that were probably half-awake on their jobs, and a writer that opted for the slow train instead of the speed rail. Despite its flaws, I still think about the wonderful online camaraderie this little drama brought, and the hours I put into writing analyses on the characters in discussion threads.
I love this scene in PK!
So simple yet meaningful!
This drama sometimes irked me and had me biting on my fingernails; I wasn’t always satisfied with the way the plot unfolded. I did find myself often defending Oh Ha Ni, who was brought alive by the up-and-coming actress Jung So Min. I recently rewatched one of the YouTube webisodes, and was reminded of why this drama eventually grew on me. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo were one of the highlighted couples of 2010. Never mind the fact that the latter was often robot-like in his actions, quite different from most K-drama men.  I loved the character of Ha Ni because she was the one who chased and fought for this relationship, to the distaste of some viewers. Perhaps her fervent adoration for a boy came off as annoying to some, especially when her love interest was coldly indifferent to her for half the series, but this was the aspect of Ha Ni I liked the most. I’m probably not alone when I say that Oh Ha Ni reminded me of my younger self, which is why many viewers have called Playful Kiss a drama that brings slices-of-life through its characters.
Even when I got annoyed at Ha Ni for trying to find her identity through Baek Seung Jo in some of the episodes, where she seemed to find herself only when she was with him, half of the time, the reason for my annoyance was because of some similar personal experience. The only other characters I found interesting were the Baek family, who never failed to put a smile on my face.
Playful Kiss is one of the reasons to smile!
Now that this year is over, it’s safe to say that PK was one drama I vehemently ranted about in both Real Life and in the online world. It was a drama that brought me out of lurk mode, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Way to go Endodo4ever!! I personally know what Endodo4ever is talking about when she mentioned that PK brought out the lurk mode because that was the very thing that did happened to me. PK made me do things that I never thought I would but I'm so glad that I did because if there's no PK, I'm not currently writing for this blog. I have never met wonderful people and I would not love Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong as I did today.
I will always say my THANK YOU to Playful Kiss. I will always owe you one!

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Playful Kiss Review from DramaFever

It's a new year already but year end reviews for K-dramas is not yet over. Now its DramaFever's turn to give some Playful Kiss review.

Below is the excerpt from DramaFever Review.

DramaFever Review by Claire Hellar

Playful Kiss
As I always say, they are one of my favorite OTP of all time!
Where can you find such a different individual but have created such an adorable pair!

I thought about comparing Playful Kiss to cotton candy, but that metaphor is over-used. So instead I’m going to go with: this drama is like ramen. It’s not top-notch food, and it may not be that good for you, but it’s warm and filling and it’s always there for you when you need some quick nourishment. I’ve written a fair bit about this drama already, so I won’t belabor the point too much.
The first four episodes are horrible – awkward directing,  uneven plot and pacing. Episode five abruptly picked up the pace however, as if the writer finally figured out how to tell a story, and the drama pulled itself together from that point on. At its best, however, Playful Kiss was never particularly good. The stakes are low, the pace is middling, and the story is invariably and inevitably slight. Yet, like comfort food, Playful Kiss is oddly satisfying and can be very addicting. Jung So Min was a revelation in her polarizing role (I hope the drama makers realize what a godsend they had in her – without her, the already low ratings would have been virtually nonexistent). She made Ha Ni, a character who has sparked more feminist debates than probably any other drama character, warm and identifiable even in the midst of all her cyclical chasing after Seung Jo. Kim Hyun Joong still isn’t a great actor, but he was perfectly cast and has definitely improved since Boys Over Flowers.

The story of Playful Kiss is all about Heart!

Playful Kiss is very, very low-key, but it’s meant to be so as a growing-up story that follows two kids through high school and into college. There’s something endlessly endearing about watching these two clash and grow closer together in a romance that occasionally has pitch-perfect moments, and the drama captures well the headiness, the heartache, and the seeming all-importance of adolescent crushes and first love.Playful Kiss is deeply flawed and remains well within the bounds of its limitations, but it’s warm and lovely and affection-inducing.

So, that's it! I think there more's to come so, just sit tight my dearest Minnies, HyunMins, Hyunnies and PKissers.

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HyunMin Moments

Please be reminded that this post is reserved to all the HyunMins. You have been warned.

Upon reading all your comments with the recent posts especially the ones which  were about the MBC Drama Awards, I know most of you specially the HyunMins are bit /kinda disappointed about the little exposure or interaction of our Favorite Playful Kiss couple.

But luckily some of fans do have sharp eyes and I think literally took every pictures possible.

So, below are pictures of little interactions of our dearest HyunMin.

Please note that all the pics are open to each interpretations, as a HyunMin this is how I see it.
As the say to each its own.

A simple glance

A simple smile
I love the laugh of MinMin here

Love their laughters

Are you looking at her KHJ?
What are you smiling about MinMin?

Love, Love, Love this pic!

If a picture can speak a thousand words,
What do you think this picture would say?
All I can say is, I LOVE the look in his eyes....
 Again, Minnies and HyunMins, all of these are just my own spazz opinions but I do hope we do share the same sentiments!


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