Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Many Facets of MinMin

image credit: may of

MinMin really is so versatile
Not just in talent but also with her looks

She can be a sweet and charming girl first

Then become gothic and sultry the next!

(Elle Girl photoshoot)

(for InStyle)

She can even pass as a high schooler when wearing a hanbok! LOL!!

But whatever you do, MinMin, stay the way you are.....just the way you are
we miss you...hope you update with a project soon!


  1. I love her. She's amazing actress. her face today and before still the same. so she's really pretty!!!!!

    Thank you for never ending sharing different photos of Jung So Min. I really appreciate it! More power of the 5 angels who create this blog.

  2. I love this blog as I am in love with my favourite blog Ockoala Playground. I see different pictures of so min and nwes of her. I love sm and she is such a pretty cute talented actress and all internation fan love her so much from PK. But I don't know about how Korea fans think about her.
    Wishing she will have great project in near future with huge success.