Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting to Know Minmin

In my Minmin addiction, the lack of news about her is bringing out the secret agent side of me. I scoured over the Internet (haha! activate CIA mode!) to search for something about her and I wanna share them with you, dear minnies...though these are pretty old ones, (and maybe some or most of you have already seen them) I post this especially to newbie fans of Minmin!!

this is an MV of Noblesse feat. Beige entitled No Regrets

Minmin started her career appearing in TV ads. She made 4 TV ads for SK Telecoms, but I only found 3.  (I literally spent days looking for these cfs, I didnt know there were so many of them) Can you spot our Minmin?

and here's the actual Bread & Co cf of Minmin together with Yoon Seung Ah (Min Ah in PK) and Baek Jin Hee I downloaded at

and the BTS vid of the Bread & Co shoot
thanks opiod0101 at soompi for the link

BTS pics from Bread & Co
credit to soompi

these are random pics of Minmin from  nate,, and her cyworld:
credits to soompi 

taken from MM's birthday last March


pretty Minmin

the carefree So Min... just love her.. 

hazzy's accessories photoshoot

pensive Minmin

your minnies miss you, MM... we hope to see you in another project soon, may it be a new drama, cf, or PK promo tour....

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You do have to go into spy mode to fine JSM news.

    I love the Bread & Co bts...sweet and innocent.

    I also love carefree JSM in blue hoodie.