Monday, January 31, 2011

BTS Pics for Playful Kiss Part 3!

Did I say its raining PK BTS? Well, I should have told you guys to bring umbrella
 because until now its still raining PK BTS!

Well, since its raining, why don't we enjoy our ourselves for now.
 Me, I'm contented and enjoying all the BTS pictures and
 I do hope you Minnies, HyunMins and Pkissers enjoy it as well.

Most of these pictures came from the PK Japan BTS 
videos which where shown in "that" tv station.

BTS pictures from the story conference:

Even though its just the story conference, yet you can see the chemistry building between its leads!
BST pictures from Episode 2!

Its too cute for words! ^_^

BTS picture from Episode 6!

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ???????
If so then, we’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together,
as we look up towards the same sky, ya- Kim Hyun Joong

BTS pictures from Episode 13!

Hmmm, I wonder how many times they did practice the Kiss-in-the-rain- together
with Hug-in-the-rain?
BTS pictures from Episode 14

Episode 14 was one of my favorite episode of PK because this episode have it all!
The Kiss-in-the-rain, holding hands, sweet backhug, and great movement
 in terms of relationship and career path!

BTS pictures from Episode 15!


BTS from Episode 16!

Playful Kiss will be my forever K-drama Love!

 I can't help myself but to post all the possible Playful Kiss BTS pictures 
that my hand can hold on to.
Well, my PK addiction are not getting better and its quite the opposite actually, 
but as of the moment to be honest I don't want to be cured! LOL! 

Til next time again, Minnies, HyunMins, PKissers and even Hyunnies!

credits: milo,opiod0101 and mijoo of soompi,
Special Edition of PK, Close reporting to PK #4 in Japan


  1. i really wish to see a vid of the car scene at Ep16, where KHJ and JSM laughed so hard because (i think) KHJ feels like he's being raped (pardon me for my word) by JSM..hahahaha..coz some vid showed that JSM held on too tightly to KHJ (probably needed for that scene) there any vid that will show me this?


  2. woooooooh thank you again for the pics! yeah, it's raining HyunMin bts haha...i love the conference interactions between khj & mm, so natural plus minmin on that pic was sooooo simple & pretty as can i forget this lovely drama. i hope they become real and get marrried hehe

  3. thank you! thank you! thank you!
    miss them!
    HyunMin Fighting!

  4. min min reminds me to my smart-pretty senior. I'm so adore her, but now I can't find her anymore not FB nor Tweeter.. Where is she :(?

  5. I dunno if it's jus me. I really think HJL and JSM look like real couple. U know how when u r a married couple, the look of becomes almost same like u can c tat they are a couple? I noticed many couple r like tat. The pic in episode 14 rain kiss..they looked so alike. I love them!

  6. @piggylazy, you're not the only thinking that way! hehehehe! and we are all wishing that they would be come a real couple! we dont know the real score yet so for now we just need to support them!


  7. @Piggylazy of course i'm with u too ... hope they really be true and real ...kekekeke