Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spazzing by Happeeh!

Well, I know its not yet Friday so its not yet Minnies Day but just to give you guys a preview and an encouragement as well to send us your works of art like images, songs, poems, MV's, or even fanfics!! We would love to accommodate it guys!

So for the first try, I have an article from one of my co-KBenchers Happeeh. Its an article relating HyunMin thru songs. 

by: Happeeh

Hyunmin… Minjoong… Hyunmin… Minjoong… Hyunmin… Hyun…Min… Can’t get over!!! My friends here always spazz about this 2. They don’t even recognize if it’s reality or a dream! I even isolated myself & think about other things than this and this group of crazy dreamers. HEHEHE!!! But yeah, it’s a part of our cycle since PK landed on Kdrama world. Having a difficult withdrawal syndrome that doesn’t-even-withdraw-from-it. And why does this 2 always tip-off when void situations came our spazzland???naaaahhhh… are you sending us to keenland?
I came across a lot of beautiful hyunmin fanvids that I engrossed myself from watching it (and fancams!blahaha!) just to fill up my hyunmin space. I wish I could make one because since the start of my hyunminism I’m always inspired by songs that I think are related to them. Today, I’ll share my thoughts about what involves Hyunmin through songs. It can be our favorite Oh Ha Ni & Baek Seung Jo or Jung So Min & Kim Hyun Joong.

"Afraid the love to fade" Oh Hani???

my head's in a jam can’t take you off my mind
from the time we met I’ve been beset
by thoughts of you
and the more that I ignore this feeling 
the more I find myself believing
that I just have to see you again

I can't let you pass me by 
I just can't let you go but I know 
that I am much too shy to let you know
afraid that I might say the wrong
words and displease you
afraid for love to fade 
before it can come true

"Yes, I know your TATTOED ON MY MIND,   your tattoo"

Maybe you soon forget about all
Or maybe you'll miss it like I do


One thing's for sure:
  I'm all knock out
Spend too much time thinking of you

And I can't get you out of my dreams
Now I know that you're the dangerous kind

And your smile is tattooed on my mind
And I can't get you out of my dreams

Don't wanna write, I don't wanna call,
I would not know what to say

It should be you, that's how I want it to be
Tell me you feel the same way


Oh, yesterday I was feeling safe
All I do today is trying to be brave

And no melody can seem to soothe my mind

And now I curse you for being so sweet and so kind

So, again guys if you have something for MinMin or for the HyunMins, please send to us at Will surely love to hear from you!

Til next time guys, Minnies and HyunMins!

credits for the pics: mbc, perfect, ockoala's DB, ytkiss and many others


  1. Thanks for sharing Happeeh, very nice spazzing, great fun to read. Everyone here, congratulations for a job well done, really love this blog!:)

  2. i loved coming here everyday, you're full of surprises.

  3. Thank you for this amazing spazz, love it! I love this blog and of course the angels who making this for JSM. Fighting!

  4. Omoooo, I can't believe just how creative my fellow angels & KBenchers are!!! Not only am I proud & honored to be in your company...I'm awed & floored by your talents, as well!!
    Keep it up..Kat, Jean, Bheng , Mela & Doc & now Happy girl!!!, love my fellow angels!!!
    Ms D

  5. Thanks for all the comments!!!!

    you really made my day!!! this is one of my memorable and happiest days!!!

    komawo te jean for letting me share my thoughts and unnie D!!!

    saranghae my kbenchers and minnies family!!!