Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YouTube Playful Kiss Episode 5!

Whenever I miss Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani, my best remedy would be re-watching Playful Kiss 
series and the Youtube PK episodes.

But one I can considered as best episode for PK and its YT edition would be the 
episode 5 of YT edition.

Because it marks the progression of Hani and Seung Jo not only in their careers but in their marriage life as well. It also reflects how Seung Jo have came a long way in 
showing his love for Hani and as for Hani, its still all about giving her 
all her love to Seung Jo, 
albeit much stronger than before.

And, of course that little kiss will not go unnoticed! 
Who would have thought that kiss in a hospital would be so hot?!

So, let's go and re-watch!

Hmmm, can somebody please tell me the exact address of Parang Medical Center?
I'm having PK withdrawal symptoms for the past months already and 
tried to have other K-drama meds but why I still have it? 
Maybe Doctor Baek Seung Jo and Nurse Oh Hani can help me?

credit: ytkiss on youtube 


  1. This is one of my favorite kiss seems like it's for real, hmmmm

  2. me too...this is my fav...so miss them now...i read in kathy's blog KHJ busy to prepare his album now,he also meeting friends,he have time to rest too...so i hope he meet meeting with minmin too...i very hope minmin and KHJ still have good relationship...i want look minmin with KHJ again...so miss them...

  3. Im watching it for the 3rd time!