Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jung So Min's (정소민) Additional Japan Pics!

I wish I knew some Kim Nam Gil fans so I could at least ask them
 if they could share some fancams, pictures or even stories on 
how the fan meeting did go and what exactly Minmin did on the event.

But anyways as tried to check other possible Japan related stuff
 I came across the pic below!
I do hope I'm correct that these pics were from Japan!
Anyways, MinMin looks lovely in animal print short dress! ^_^

Hopefully more pics would turn up!
My eonnie corrected me, she mentioned this pic is from MinMin fan
so whoever you are, thanks for sharing this pic! 

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! ^_^

For now, below are the pics! 

credited as tagged/MinMin fan

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