Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jung So Min (정소민) - Twitter Photo Update [February 9, 2013]

Credits: @h_monet
공에 대한 너의 집착은 마치.. 너에 대한 나의 집착과도 같구나


  1. jung so min where you are, now is doing what, and with whom? I miss you so much, especially in Indonesia acting

  2. so glad she came home safely...cute pix. of her...modu likes to stay on snow. wishing she have a new drama as soon as possible... i miss you minmin to act again...

  3. Your message is for KHJ.....?
    It's love..

    Thank are best lady..!

  4. I think minmin is not with HJ?
    I really sure,if they are not together in real life..but the truth I dont know...who know???
    actually God..and of course them..

  5. any options that may Minmin best choice for her man who can love her, love her sincerely and make him happy too cozy side. I'm a fan of jung so min can only pray for a lot of health and may she be given the best guy for her. from Indonesia

  6. im actually a silent lurker in this blog.since everyone is hyunmin fan,im very afraid to say this but i really like somin and sung jun in can we get married?.i dont know what is wrong with me but i really feel the chemistry between them :D or is it only me?sorry for suddenly pop up and said this ^^

  7. me too love minmin miss somin
    from me always love you