Friday, March 29, 2013

Jung So Min's ( チョン・ソミン / 정소민 ) Sultry and Sexy Style for 2013 Seoul Fashion Week [March 29, 2013]

OMO!!!!!!!!!!! Minmin-ah!!! I lovee the outfit!!!!
You are just 'ahhhhhhhhh PERFECT!!!!!

Credits: NAVER + NATE + DAUM
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  1. Looking more and more beautiful these days..

  2. Omg! I love her shoes! She really has great taste when it comes to shoes. I think the dress is ok. It doesn't flatter her taht much though. Her being thin doesn't look healthy to me. I mean, she can be thin but still look healthy, right? (that's just my opinion though. Peace y'all.^^) But, still pretty as ever. I'll always love her natural look.

    I'm missing her so much. Hoping for many more projects to come and praying that it would be sooner. Can't wait to see her again.:)

  3. I am really pray hard, she will be a female lead for lee min ho "heirs" new drama. Please god, make itst happen. She will rock that drama. Amen
    Sorry for my bad english

  4. she's so beautiful.. so stunning, looks elegant. more power minmin, wishing a new project, i miss you so much...

  5. She looks thinner in those pictures, is she? or did her outfit make her thinner? :/
    Anyway, she really looks gorgeous, elegant, and mature ^_^

    Anon 4:43 pm: I'll be hoping, praying and wishing that our So Min will get that role :)

  6. but so sad... " heirs " project, goes to park shin hye with lee min ho. maybe minmins manager is too slow to get new project for her... sorry for telling that, 'cause minmin is talented actress. so why her manager can't find a project for our lovely minmin...

  7. I'm don't like it it feels like is not her