Saturday, August 31, 2013

(Photo) Jung So Min 정소민 Attended L'inoui Opening at Lotte DS [August 31, 2013]

(Photo) Jung So Min 정소민 Attended L'inoui 리누이 Opening 
at Lotte DS [August 31, 2013]

Jung So Min attended the opening of L'inoui at DS Lotte
She's rooking a pretty dress with a stylist bag and that fab shoes! 
Fashionista MinMin!

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  1. she is very pretty

    1. i wish to see Minmin in a drama soon with Yoon shi yoon or Kim So Hyun or Joo won. Acting wise they are really good and will be a good match with MM....

  2. Love all the photos shot of Minmin... so beautiful and amazing.
    She looks gorgeous ... wow , her skin so flawless... lovely outlook !!!
    Among the photos, no.41 reminds me of OH Ha Ni... every time she meet and greet Baek Seung Jo, she wave her hand.
    Yes i wish too... Minmin and Yoon Shi Yoon, i like their tandem, both talented in acting ....
    HJ and Shi Yoon are friends in Barefoot Friends Variety show.
    If Minmin and Shi Yoon pair in a drama... and have a kissing scene... i wonder what HJ feels ? Does Shi Yoon will recieve stare glance from HJ, like Im Si Wan ?... Pardon me i'm only imagining my playful thought ^^-^^

  3. Thanks for the post Jeankaycee...
    Anyway, i would like to greet Playful Kiss for its 3rd Anniversary... Sept. 1, 2010, date of airing PK in Korea... * Happy 3rd Anniversary PK *...
    Without PK there's no HyunMIN Couple, that i love forever ^^^^^-^^^^^