Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jung So Min 정소민 Photo Update [October 27, 2013]

MinMin's new photo update!
She looks like a doll! 
So cute! ♥♡♡

Credits: Jung So Min

Photo Caption: 
송유진디자이너님 패션쇼간날! 제니하우스에서 옷고르는중ㅎ 헤어하기전 감고나온직후라 머리 어쩔ㅜ 지못미... 결국 무슨옷을 입었을까요~? 
맞추신분께는 소량의 상품을 드리지않습니다>_=


  1. She looks pretty, but her legs are waaaaaaay too skinny.

  2. Minmin beautiful as always !!!... i read her messages from other blogs .. she going to attend an event.. i forgot if she's going to movie premier... Minmin jokes on her message * will you please help me to pick, which one i'll choice ( clothes she will wear ).. i will pick one right answer, with a price that will not be given. * .. ha ha ha... she's naughty like Lucky Guy HJ... She was in * Jenny's House *...