Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jung So Min 정소민 - You Came To Me and Became A Star BTS [Photo Update: October 22, 2013]

MinMin updated newphotos and its from the shooting of her drama special!
 So excited to watch this!
MinMin fighting! ^_^

Credits: JUNG SO MIN 정소민 
나에게로 와서 별이 되었다

지석선배가 보내준 사진과 울팀 승희씨가 찍어준 사진과 카메라팀 퍼스트오라버니께서 찍어보내주신 사진.. 우와.. 드디어.. 마지막촬영.. 하아.. 
35시간동안 깨어있었다.. 아름다운 디졸브.. 다들 수고하셨습니다 꾸벅꾸벅.. 제정신이 아닌관계로 일단 집에가 낼아침까지 자는걸로..


  1. Mm sure looks preety under the sunlight with kjs and both look good together.....hope this drama becomes a hit for both.....kjs looks younger in this drama or is it bcus he is also with mm

  2. they both look together. I agree with you! I

  3. Kim Hyun Joong is better :( I REALLY MISSSSSS HyunMin couple!!! :'(

  4. oooo new pics.. they both look so great..I think it's going to be a great drama.:)

  5. I'm so excited to see Minmins new drama.....i'm praying to be success, and hoping to get high rating... that adds more famous and more project to her...
    Good luck Minmin... God bless you !!!
    Thanks for the post Jeankaycee....