Monday, October 14, 2013

(Photos) Jung So Min 정소민 Is Seriously Pretty on Her Latest Photo Update [October 14, 2013]

(Photos) Jung So Min 정소민 Is Seriously Pretty on Her Latest Photo Update
[October 14, 2013]

Credits: JUNG SO MIN
Photo Caption: 촬영없는날! 
학교갔용! 자 이제 아래 사진들과 틀린그림찾기를 해보아요ㅋㅋ 


  1. Kim hyun joong never love jung so min way your blog and hyunmin laid about that the never never wes couple .

    1. Get your facts right before you accuse this blog of any wrongdoings. This blog is for Jung Somin only. If you are not her fan and has bad intention towards Somin and her fans, please FUCK OFF far far away!!

      BTW, for goodness if you can't write properly in English, stop torturing others with your bad English on other people's blog!! Damn irritating!!

      (Admin of Simplysomin - I'm so sorry for the use of such stern words and language in this post as I'm totally flabbergasted by such useless stupid comments by non-fan of Somin.)

  2. OH !!! the troll is commenting in your blogs Kathy... beware of her/he... she's insane !
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    The way she/he bashes in * Hyunmin Gfs Blogs *...
    She/He don't like Minmin for HJ... she/ he is for Uee to be couple of HJ...
    She /he was using English that can't understand and very hard to read...

  3. Thanks to the admin of simplysomin... you pay attention of my warning about the trouble maker. that person is so lunatic...hyunmin gfs blogs always blocking her, but still visiting the blogs... and saying but words... she has obsessive - compulsive behavior.. we don't know if he loves HJ.
    But she hates Minmin, that's why she always saying bad words.... hard to understand, to stop visiting the blogs.