Sunday, November 24, 2013

[English Subbed] 정소민 Jung So Min's Drama Special [ You Came to Me and Became a Star ]

[Drama Special: Came to Me and Became a Star | 나에게로 와서 별이 되었다 ]
- Cast: Kim Ji seok, Jung So min, Lee Byeongjun, Yoo Soyoung, Nam Kyungmin

- Synopsis: Hajin works at a company that's going through financial difficulties and hasn't been able to pay her for months. Gangseok has a well paying tuition job but his student and family debt and the fact that his mother is in a coma means that he's always short on money. They are both struggling to make it in this cold and difficult reality we call life. One day they end up at a blind date service meeting party and find that they are 98% compatible with each other. 
Certain random happenings makes Gangseok want to believe that Hajin is the one. But there's one secret that they can't share which is that they're both so poor that they're living at a cheap student hostel. Will they be able to overcome their current situation of hidden poverty and realize true love? Or will the harshness of reality split them apart? A touching and yet coldly realistic love story...

[English Subbed] 정소민 Jung So Min's Drama Special [ You Came to Me and Became a Star ]


  1. This drama is really a touching one and i say cudos to the casts each played their role well..excellent drama....good script

  2. Perfect chemistry of Minmin and Kim Ji Suk... great drama special.
    There are scenes you will cry and funny scenes too...
    The hanging question in my mind .. about Jin Gangseok condition from the fire. For me, i think he's survive and one day he'll be seeing Lee Ha Jin... and propose to marry her !!!