Thursday, February 27, 2014

(Video) Jung So Min's 정소민 Cameo as "The Gasoline Girl" on MBC Drama 미스코리아 MISS KOREA final Episode

Jung So Min's 정소민 Cameo as "The Gasoline Girl" on MBC Drama 
 미스코리아 MISS KOREA final Episode (20)

'미스코리아' 이미숙, 98년 미코 후보로 정소민 찍었다

Somin Makes a cameo for Miss korea as the Gasoline Girl. Madam Ma (Her Mom in CWGM) is with Ji Young (Miss korea) and Director Yoon when they stop over at a gas station. Somin assist them and Madam Ma notices her and ask the team to get out of the car.

When Somin enter their station (Getting the money for the change) . Madam Ma who's standing outside their car is looking for Somin from the door and see her a PERFECT Candidate for Miss Korea 1997. When Somin come out. Madam Ma ask her to remove her coat but she refuse and say's that she doesnt want that. Madam Ma, likes her attitude and make an introduction of herself of the QUEEN Beauty Salon. 
then Somin recognizes Ji Young (Miss korea). Ji Young smile at Somin and tell her to remove the cap.

❤ Jung So Min 정소민 PART ONLY --❤ [VIDEO]
 Miss Korea 미스코리아 Episode 20회20 - 매의 눈 마원장, 99년 또다시 미스코리아 진을 위해! 20140226 

Somin's Cameo starts at 18:11

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  1. Even it's too short appearance... i'm happy to see Minmin on that cameo role.
    She reunite with her mother Lee Mi Seok, from CWGM...Simple and beautiful Minmin's perfect as Miss Korea if there will be season 2 !!!
    Thanks OnlySomin for the post and video ... ^^

  2. I know Min Min visits this blog usually. Wanna let Min Min know that I miss her and want her to update her facebook as frequent ad she can. I will be feeling lost to have no news from her.