Saturday, April 12, 2014

(10 Photos) Jung So Min 정소민 Behind the Scene Photoshoot for CECI Magazine 쎄씨 매거진 5월호 May 2014 Issue

정소민 쎄씨 5월호 2014
(10 Photos) Jung So Min 정소민 Behind the Scene Photoshoot for CECI Magazine 
쎄씨 매거진 5월호 May 2014 Issue

Photo Credits: JUNG SO MIN
 푸핫! 쎄씨 잼있었지...!! — feeling excited. 


  1. I like all the poses. They seem fun and original. Minmin is a good comedian.

  2. ohh so sweet minmin... I like it these photos.And I wonder,which account of So Min?
    I'm looking for a long time but I can not find.Please can you tell me?

  3. Funny yet very Sexy...
    Love all the poses....they came out naturally......

    Thanks for the post OnlySomin

  4. Minmin is amazing... she can act naturally when it comes in photo shooting.
    Love all the pose.. classy and very sexy... ^^
    Thanks OnlySomin for the post.

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