Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jung So Min 정소민 with the rest of the Cast of KBS DRAMA 빅맨 BIG MAN (엄효섭 팬클럽 Eom Hyo-Seob FanClub Food Support)

Photo Credits: Media Portals (Naver)
엄효섭 팬클럽, 촬영장 한턱에 동참…'빅맨' 스태프 간식 100인분

Jung So Min 정소민 with the rest of the Cast of KBS DRAMA BIG MAN 
(엄효섭 팬클럽 Eom Hyo-Seob FanClub Food Support)

Only for young actors? Eom Hyo Seop's fans club showed their hospitality by giving the full "Big Man" team elaborate gift snacks
translated by the KJH Philippine Operator 4/8/14

It was revealed that KBS2 TV "Big Man" Eom Hyo Seop's fans club brought a great gift to the shooting scene. In the last four days, the fans of Eom Hyo Seop brought prepared snacks and coffee for 100 staff on the set to infuse vigor.

In particular, since there was no day off to complete the work, Eom Hyo Seop's fans brought snacks in order to shoot and focus on the scene with an amiable staff in a jubilant atmosphere to enjoy a brief rest than usual.

Eom Hyo Seop (as Kang Sung Wook) is the "Big Man" of the Hyun Sung Group. The brutality and viciousness of the heavily armed Chairman Kang Sung Wook will explode into an intense suspense. His fans want to cheer for all the actors and crew who are filming by bringing carefully prepared snacks.

According to Eom Hyo Seop, "Every time I work, I am grateful to the fans for generously giving their love. I learn to enjoy shooting as well as the staff. A good hearted work seems to be born. I ask for a lot of love for "Big Man", he said.

An official from "Big Man" who was at the scene said "Thanks to the fans of senior actor, Eom Hyo Seop. We could finish shooting the high quality scenes in an even more energetic atmosphere. The fans have a lot of heart and appreciate the interest of the people" he said.
On the other hand, "Big Man" is about an orphan who lived in the bottom and gained a new life as the eldest son of a conglomerate group. He fights the world to protect his beloved people.

credit: newsen.com


  1. I keep seeing Kang Ji Hwan besides So Min in a few pictures. It shows that they have great rapport? I like Kang Ji Hwan too!!!

  2. I think so ... Kang Ji Hwan is a good actor ... I watch him in * Lie To Me * with Eun Yoon Hye and Sung Joon- Minmin's leading man in CWGM...
    Nice chemistry between them... but Lee Dai Hee is the actress for KJH in Big Man.... ^^
    Thanks OnlySomin for the post ...