Monday, April 28, 2014

(Photos) Jung So Min's 정소민 KBS Drama BIGMAN 빅맨 First Episode [April 28,2014]

First Episode is very intense.^^ dont forget to watch
BIGMAN every Monday and Tuesday 10pm KST
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(Photos) Jung So Min's 정소민 KBS Drama BIGMAN 빅맨 
First Episode [April 28,2014]


  1. Omo !!! first episode is so intense....Jin Ah and Ji Hyeok has a kissing scenes .... !!!
    So sad, not yet seen... will be waiting in Viki net or in YouTube...^^
    Thanks OnlySomin for your beautiful post.

  2. Cant wait to watch......!!!!!!!!
    Big Man surely will be full of suspense...

    Thanks OnlySomin for the post.