Saturday, May 24, 2014

(Article) Jung So Min 정소민 To Visit Wonderland In "Alice" 앨리스 via KDramaStar

(Article) Jung So Min 정소민 To Visit Wonderland In "Alice" 앨리스 via KDramaStar

Jung So Min is doing a good job of paying a bad heiress on "Big Man." As the self-involved Kang Jin Ah, she's a bad girl but not so bad that she doesn't question the motives of her very bad parents and brother.

But the actress who also starred in "Playful Kiss" is not neglecting her film career. After being cast in the film "Twenty" with Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho and Kang Ha Naul, she has also been cast in the film "Alice," a movie about a girl having bad dreams. The film's story is inspired by the children's classic "Alice in Wonderland," in which a girl falls down a rabbit hole into a strange world.

In the new film "Alice," the heroine Hye Joong is having terrible nightmares. She visits a pension called Wonderland, looking for the cure, and meets the mysterious owner. It turns out that her nightmares are caused by terrible secrets that must be disclosed before she can sleep peacefully.

The movie has been described as both a horror film and a romantic comedy and is supposedly based on a real event that took place in 1979. While "The Master's Sun" presented a new genre of drama, the horror romcom, this film may be the first k-movie that attempts to combine all these elements.

Actor Hong Jong Hyun plays Hwan, a character that protects the woman he loves. The actor was very happy to get the role and looks forward to acting out the film's funnier moments.
"I want to prepare a lot and show moving and funny parts," said the actor who recently appeared in "Dating Agency Cyrano" and "Her Lovely Heels."

The movie will begin filming in June when Jung So Min's responsibilities for the drama "Big Man" end. She also appeared in the drama special "Came to Me and Became a Star." After Jung So Min appeared in "Playful Kiss" with Kim Hyun Joong," she had a role in the cable series "Can We Get Married" with Sung Joon. "Alice" will be her second film as she previously appeared in the 2009 film "The Worst Friends."

In comparison former model Hong Jung Hyun is an acting veteran with 13 dramas and four films to his credit. His dramas include "Warrior Baek Dong Soo," "Vampire Idol," and "Jeon Woo Chi." His film appearances include "A Frozen Flower" and "One More Step To The Sea."


  1. Admin i want to know about Twenty Movie offer to Somin.Its that true she turn down the offer for Movie Alice.I dont think she can handle 2 movies well in same time but i wish she took offer for Twenty movie too.That a lot news about she turn down the offer.I dnt know which one to believe.I hope its not true.

  2. @ Anonymous 12:05... lets wait the confirmation of her agency SM C&C... We're hoping she can appear in * Twenty * the movie, after she finish * Alice *... i think Alice is Indie movie... no need long shooting...
    Thanks Kathy for the post... ^^

  3. so min I always suport you and love to you