Friday, May 23, 2014

(BTS) Jung So Min 정소민 with Hong Jong Hyun 홍종현 for Movie "Alice" '앨리스'

 (BTS) Jung So Min 정소민 with Hong Jong Hyun 홍종현 
for Movie "Alice" '앨리스' 
홍종현·정소민, 호러 로맨스 '앨리스' 주인공 캐스팅
Creditsm 정소민 Jung So Min 


  1. Goodluck MM....
    Hope the movie becomes international hit

    Thanks Kathy for post

  2. quite confused. so will min min also act in Twenty? or only Alice?

  3. Hoping, Minmin's movie will be in festival... 'cause their Director is directing for festival movies, not in commercial movies..
    If i'm not wrong SM C&C, considering * Twenty * will be the second movie of Minmin.
    Alice :girl from wonderland will be film on June... after Big Man is over.... ^^
    Thanks Kathy for the post.

  4. i love somin have many project now.i hope she can manage time and her project well.