Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon Cast in “Twenty”

And finally!!! This is like a dream cast! I always dreamt of seeing Minmin and Min Hyo rin acting along side together!!!


The ladies of the upcoming film “Twenty” have been confirmed!

Four young actresses Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon were cast for the upcoming comedy film “Twenty.” 

Directed by rising director Lee Byung Hun, “Twenty” is a movie about three 20-year-old best friends and their navigation through life. In the leading male roles, it stars Kim Woo Bin, Junho of 2PM, and Kang Ha Neul.

Jung So Min will portray the on-and-off girlfriend of Kim Woo Bin’s character Chiho, while Lee Yoo Bi will play the love interest of Junho’s character.

Min Hyo Rin will play a mysterious character similar to her role in “Sunny,” while Jung Joo Yeon will play the love interest of womanizer Chiho.

The film officially went into productions in late July, and is scheduled to open in theaters early 2015. 


  1. interesting....this is great news
    Congrats MM and goodluck....*twenty* will be a success..!!!
    Thanks for the post Kathy

  2. Fighting MM ^^.
    Looking forward for Alice and Twenty.

  3. Congrats Minmin.. luckily your wish comes true... two movies this year .
    Wishing you will have a drama too... 'cause your movies will be showing next year and we'll be missing...
    Thanks Kathy for the post .

  4. Luckily JSM is not KHJ's girl friend

  5. Wow there's another Troll !!!
    Maybe about the issue of HJ and the girlfriend * A * ... on the news ^^

    1. what do you mean troll?what about HJ and girlfriend A?He has a girlfriend now ?not MM right.well,need to move on..

  6. Pls remove all KHJ's songs in the playlist

  7. Hi minmin we are always praying for you be strong .God bless you and we miss you .

  8. I missed Jung So Min, Why no news anymore ?.

  9. Please Admin. of this blogs... show us some news or latest pix. of our beloved Minmin... ^^
    Thanks so much... we like to know if she finish filming * Tweenty * the movies...

  10. We miss u minmin.... Please post picture of you.. God bless you..

  11. Missing mm so much...take care babe !!!!
    everything will be okk...