Sunday, October 5, 2014

(Article) Actress 정소민 Jung So Min's Ceci Magazine BTS Pictorial Released to the Public

"Twenty" Jung So Min's BTS pictorial released to the public
translated by Pechumori

BTS photos of actress Jung So Min have been published.

Jung So Min's agency, SM C & C released through their official Facebook page, captured scenes from her Ceci fashion magazine pictorial that featured the cosmetic brand "Primera".

In the published photos, there is no distinction whether it is a fun shoot of Jung So Min with her own companion dog and the actual photo shoot, because both show off her lovely innocent charm with her natural hair and white knitted sweater.

In addition, Jung So Min earned the praise of the staff when she closely monitored the photo shoot during the hair and costume changes.

On the other hand, Jung So Min is currently busy shooting the movie "Twenty" on a daily basis.


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  2. Minmin's so beautiful... love to see her again , in pictorial for Ceci addition of Modu !!!
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