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Best Kiss of 2010

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I find PK kisses gentle and sweet but poignant....especially kisses from ep13 onwards....keke...
so it is not really a surprise that it is considered one of the best in 2010...

(this post mainly focused on PK... you can read descriptions of kisses from other kdramas at click on the link...)

Choose The Best Kiss Scene in 2010!
Posted on 18. Dec, 2010 by Jessie0029 in Drama/Movie, TV

Kiss scenes, one of the most exhilarating parts of dramas, represents the love between a man and a woman. As the end of 2010 is approaching, it is time to choose the best kiss scene of this year! (Note: Some spoilers included)
Which kiss scenes made your heart beat strongly?

Which kiss scenes made you die of happiness inside?
Which kiss scenes took away your breath?

1. Secret Garden
2. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
3. Road No.1

4. Mischievous Kiss - Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin couple

Compared to Road No.1, Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin have also had many kiss scenes. However, the difference lies in the audience ages as Mischievous Kiss is targeted for young people while Road No.1 is more suitable for adults. The kisses between the leads can’t be described as hot and full with passion, but as more gentle since only the lips touched.

(here's a video of all 13 kisses on PK... credit to kimforangie)

5. Athena: Goddess of War
6. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
7. King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

Source: Kim JiHyun +
Translation + Written by: Jessie0029

note: the original text is in Korean over at TV Daily, if you want to check it out here's the link

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  1. seriously, so envy with Minmin that time coz i don't want leader link any girls especially kissing on screen but i can't deny myself that Minmin captures my heart in episode 3 which the scene khj teased her a kiss under the tree.