Sunday, December 19, 2010


image credits: InStyle, Sure Magazine, NII, M&M

..........the MINNIES!!!!

(its a collective name referring to a group of people who admire/like/love Jung So Min!)

MinMin fans, you rock!! We didn't expect the response to be overwhelming! But thanks for visiting our blog and speaking out!! Minnies it is.... its actually a combination of MinMin and Hani.... Minni if in singular form and Minnies in plural form....haha...I was just playing with words and came up with the name...I didn't know that you would like it and find it cute....

anyhow....MINNIES... Fighting!!!!

ummm.... i just have to put this here 'coz its MM Minis.... got it, Minnies?? lol!!


  1. i'm a solid hyunnies but from now on, i will consider of myself as a certified MINNI!!! i miss this girl and hyunnie. 7 days more to goooooooo!

  2. we're all hyunnies here!!
    but we also love jsm, so we're also minnies!

    hyunnies and minnies....fighting!!

  3. count me in:) we should have a fanlist!

  4. Go! Minnies! Go!

    I love it and the new header and new background.

    You guys are doing a fantastic job with the blog.

  5. Congratulations to all the Minnies! Loved that you put the MM mini!