Sunday, December 19, 2010

MinMin's Playlist No. 1

I know many of you got curious when the songs from the Cyworld of Jung So Min were included in the songs that we play here in this blog. MinMin seems to have various choices when it comes to listening to music (she llikes kpop, pop, classical, broadway songs among others). But one of the song that caught our attention was when the No.1 song in her playlist which is Drug Dealer by Sunshine State. 

At first you would thought that its a rap or gangsta song because of it's title but it turned out to be a sort/kinda love song. So, for us to understand the song much better, below is the lyrics of the song so we could all sing a long with it as well. Happy singing!


Been flirting with you for a while
I like your eyes, I like your style
When you said you liked mine too
I thought I could get close to you
You called me often, made me laugh
(and)Soon we had made dinner plans
We ate a lot and I got drunk
We closed the restaurant down
I was thinking "It is your place or mine"?
You said you didn't have the time
You said you had to work but it was already past 2

Are you a doctor?
Are you an artist?
Are you the man
Who cleans the streets when i am in bed?
Are you a writer?
Do you drive a taxi until dawn?
I am I just too naive to know
What's going on?

Last friday I went out with friends to hear my favorite DJ spin
I danced until my feet got sore
Then I saw you on the floor, I asked you to come dance with me
You said I'd love but you see even though you are looking fine,
I am working, I dont have the time.
But you're not behind the bar,
You're not bouncing of parking cars
So tell me what exactly you do

Are you a doctor?
Are you an artist?
Are you the man
Who cleans the streets when I am in bed?
Are you a writer?
Do you drive a taxi until dawn?
Or am I just too naive to know
What's going on?
At carols party last weekend
I brought you by to meet my friends
When we walked in, the room went dead,
Someone took me aside and said:
"I dont think he's your type"
He deals drugs every night
And besides that he has a 
girlfriend or two (sad)
So you are not a doctor
You are not an artist
You're not the man who cleans the streets
When I am in bed, no no
You'r not a writer
You dont driver a taxi until dawn
I guess I was too navie to know
What's going on
(repeat x 3)


  1. loved this song, someone at soompie thought that it was JSM making a dig at KHJ because he was always so busy, hehehe

  2. ^^that would be me. The first time I heard this song was on this site. I had no idea it was called Drug Dealer. I just listened to the lyrics and thought of KHJ...who has no time. lol.

    I really like this song so I found the group's other music on youtube. I like them alot. It's hard to get your hands on their cd though.

    Also, I sorta read (google translate reading) from her Vogue Girl interview that she really likes Mr. Big. She actually have seen their concerts. They're an 90's rock band that is seeing a resurgent in Asia. I didn't realize that I knew their music until I youtubed them. I like them too.

    I think I'll go youtube the rest of her playlist.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi anonymous! her whole playlist is on the mixpod just click get tracks and you can listen to them.
    the playlist was courtesy of kathy the owner of kathy's bench hehehe

  4. Wait, she is into ROCK? Are you kidding me. Yeah, I don't think I'm being clouded by confirmation bias anymore, it's just that they are very very similar. You know you I mean o.o

  5. @Milo...yes...I was thinking the same thing. After you listen to Mr. Big and the all the guitar start thinking of someone who also likes rock and does guitar solos. ;)

  6. seems hj and minmin are similar like in terms of music and i think everything!!!

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  8. anoni 3:58 yes, you can vote after you refresh the page. try it, it works!!!

  9. the drug dealer song was used in personal taste drama, im guessing that is where she was able to hear it:)
    she's really into english songs!


    Please vote for all PK related polls in this website.

  11. Me encanta JUNG SO MIN la amo con pasion y locura .....yo soy de peru...she is very very special and wonderful.......