Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jung So Min's My Daily Interview!

Finally! Some good soul from soompi did translate the My Daily interview of our love, Jung So Min.
So, tlbpc thank you so much for the translation, you're Daebak!

Below is the translated interview!

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Jung So Min's Spring Festival Interview

Actress Jung So Min (22) is being called a new star.  Just debuted in a year Jung So Min has attained the position of lead actress.  In such a short time, she has proven such achievement.  Her fresh vivaciousness and young age with sincerity, shows that she is serious and careful towards acting.

“With two TV dramas consecutively, towards the end of the hurried shootings, I feel a little regretful.  If there is more time, I can be more prepared as we shoot along but I can’t, so I feel quite regretful.”

In 2010’s drama “Bad Guy”, JSM acted as a young daughter Hong Mo Ne, after this, from being the 2nd lead she has become the lead actress with Kim Hyun Joong together in “Playful Kiss”.  In just a short period of a few months, she has advanced from supporting actress to lead actress.  Thereafter, she was being nominated for the Best Rookie Award at the awards ceremony.  Except it’s a pity that she didn’t win the award, but JSM is still worth looking forward to, isn’t it?

“I am not that looking forward to winning the Best Rookie Award.  I am fully aware of my capabilities and I don’t think this is worth comparing with others.  I know that this will help a little in encouragement but didn’t I gain growth too?  So, after much thought, not winning the award isn’t a regrettable issue.”

(Translator’s note:  Lee Tae Seung has 8 years(!) of acting experience in movies, dramas etc and yet he was awarded the Best Rookie award. I really don’t understand the Korean entertainment system, 8 years still a rookie?!)

Presently, JSM is studying at the Seoul Arts University. Actually many under-estimated her performing abilities yet she was admitted to the university by winning a dance competition as the champion.  One month before her high school exam she managed to get admitted into the performing arts faculty.

“Acting is like a hobby, from the start it didn’t seem to have a beginning, for a long time it was just a momentary dream.  But I feel that I should have something to work hard for, that’s how “Jung So Min the actress” came about and to keep the dream I intended to give up studying.” (Translator’s Note: Quit studying?  I don’t get it too but that’s in the original article.)

She was very earnest talking about acting, the mood was rather serious.

“I would entirely get into the project if I have one, then I would know how and what to think about it.  This way, then will I find my direction and accomplish it.  If not, just thinking about it for a few months, the character is detached from me and this just would not be me.”

"During the shooting of “PK”, I would impress the character into my heart and grasp the main focus.  In the drama, Oh Ha Ni is plain looking with an optimistic bright character, this is the perception she gives me.  I would then seem to have only this little shadow in my mind to express myself.  Based on this, I am not 100% satisfied but I think I did achieve my goal right?”

For being an actress, she has already a very clear objective, also she really want to work hard to make it, such could be her secret to be ever improving.  With a plan as her foundation, within her ability to achieve, tirelessly appearing in two drama projects, she has become a little thinner.  For her next project, JSM has refreshed herself to prepare for 2011. 

As I mentioned before, I really love reading or watching her interviews 
because it reflects how smart and well rounded So Min.
The Minnies are really looking forward for your return MinMin!
And we are just here to support you all the way!
AJA! MinMin Fighting!

credit: tlbpc of soompi-translation
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  1. Please min min , don't give up studying. What you are studying now will eventually help you in your acting career. A good actor needs to study a lot and read widely too.


  3. Anonymous@9:59PM Feb 9,
    I don't think so, what she meant may be that it's just to give up studying to concentrate on the 2 dramas in 2010 temporarily. Also the word study or studying in Chinese can mean learning anything.