Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jung So Min (정소민) - Twitter Photo Update [February 23, 2013]

Credits: @h_monet (

Ate Liz님과 Ate Elsa님이 선물해주신 아이패드미니❤ 감사합니당 너무 예뻐요! 이걸로 대본보면 되겠다 히히 


  1. someone said ate elsa is a drama queen or divas from n.y. this ate liz is modu stylish and an apple stockholder... they were generous for loving minmin.. maybe it's a gift for her coming b'day.

  2. somin is lucky for having fans that love her so much. and what made her special is she appreciate her fan's gift. very kind hearted....

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