Friday, February 22, 2013

Jung So Min (정소민) - Twitter Photo Update [February 22, 2013]

Credits: @h_monet

받자마자 인증샷 찍느라..초췌해서 미안요ㅜㅠ하루종일 방콕했더니...이해부탁....선물 고맙습니다 잘쓸게용😍


  1. weeeeeee~ :))))) very spazz worthy for hyunmin! :))))) that's one of the pair bracelets Ms. ROYAL gave to the couple~ she's particularly holding HJ's... :)))))))))) too bad ms. ro seems to be blocked...

  2. why did hj'bracelet still on her? didn't she give it to him?

  3. Who is "Ms.ROYAL?
    you know?

  4. Ms. Royal is hyunmins fan. The gifts package send to bloom entertainment manage MinMin. They got that gifts after they came back from Japan,the gifts is in different package, MniMin keep it and Hyun Joong thanks already Ms. Royal. The black bracelet is for Hyun Joong, the grey bracelet is for MinMin.

    1. Ah, got it.So, it means that she will eventually need to send it to him, right? Haha, so sort of an unitentional sign for us ?
      Well, i really do hope that they have a love relationship, the thing is that kim hyun joong works like a dog, he never stops,it's sort of frustating the lack of news we receive in this aspect, because of his busy schedule.

  5. gosh!so it means khj and minmin still communicate with each other and still happy to know that!!!

  6. wow! MinMin has black bracelet...kekeke
    This picture is her message for hyunmins fan!
    we are so so happy!
    Thanks to Shirley,Ms Royal,minmin and hj,every hyunmin"s fan in the world, and...God!!!!!!!!!

  7. yeppey.... HYUNMIN FOREVER!!!! <3 <3 <3