Friday, February 22, 2013

SimplySoMin Birthday Charity Event 2013!

Hey yah our dear Minnies! How are you all doing? 
I miss you guys! Been laying low in posting but I know my dongsaeng
 Jeanneth is taking good care of the blog so, I know you are all in a good hands!

By the way how's your Valentines? I hope you all have a great one!
Well, as February's end is fast approaching and most likely March will be at 
our doorstep before we know it! 

And of course for us, Minnies the month of March is a special month 
because it's the birthday month of our main girl MinMin! Yup! Yup!
 It's the birthday of our dearest MinMin! 
And as you Minnies know it, here in SimplySoMin we have a tradition when 
it comes to celebrating MinMin's birthday!

For the past 2 years we been celebrating MinMin's birthday through charitable work
 and this year the tradition will continue! We still go by our motto of the greatest gift that we could give to MinMin is the gift of giving to others! 

But this year we have decided to change it a bit, because decided 
to help our four legged friends! 

Yes, this year will be donating to a non-government, non-profit,volunteer based
 organization called the Philippines Animal Welfare Society or also known as PAWS!
 PAWS is an organization who helps to prevent animal cruelty. 
PAWS, also rescue and rehabilitate animals whose victims of animal cruelty 
and they also help to find the animals loving home! 
As of the moment, its mostly cats and dogs were the ones in the shelter of PAWS.

We all know that MinMin is such an animal lover, we all could see how 
she love her dog Modu, whom I feel she treat like her own baby :)
 We also want to embody that generous of  heart MinMin when it comes to animals. 

That's why we do encourage you to help us to help them! 
You can donate cash or in kind for PAWS!
If you wanted to donate in kind, 
they do have the list of things that they badly needed, kindly see below.
  • Dog food (kibble and canned)
  • Catfood (kibble and canned)
  • Kennel cabs, carriers or cages
  • Vaccines, medicine, surgical materials/equipment, pet vitamins which you think our shelter animals can use.
  •  Scratching posts for the cats
  • Chew toys for dogs
They also needed things to clean the houses for the dogs and cats.

  • dishwashing paste or liquid (kitty & doggie bowls need constant cleaning too!)
  • detergent powder and bleach
  • clean old towels or rags, or foot rugs, or anything we can use to line their plastic pans that the kitties use as "cat beds" (they all huddle & crowd in these "cat beds" at night )
  • walis tingting/brooms 
  • alcohol, cotton and toilet paper for our clinic and sickbay areas
  • old newspaper to line the cages in our feline quarantine and sickbay areas

  • garbage bags (size XXL)
When you see the list of the things PAWS needed to be able help more animals,
 it look so simple yet by that simple thing a wonderful can happen! 

We decided to do the donation turn over on March 16, it's the exact birthday of MinMin!
So, if you're here in Manila we do encourage you all to join us! 
Will spend the day with our dear four legged friends and wonderful volunteers of PAWS!

And also, PAWS accepts volunteers! If you can't donate cash or kind but you have 
the gift of time,we do encourage to volunteer! It's a great way to spend time! ^_^

And, Minnies if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email us at,or tweet us at @simplysomin!

We would really appreciate your help!
 As the same as the  idea of PAWS, here in SimplySoMin, 
also we believe that having a peaceful society not only comes from 
having a compassion towards people but also with animals. 
We co-exists and live on the same earth, 
we should also share the same love to them! 

 Let's continue to spread the love! ^_^

with lots of love,

simplysomin admins :)

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