Friday, March 8, 2013

Jung So Min's Pic of the Week!

Hiyahhhh Minnies! How are you all doing? Hope all of you are great! 
Anyways, I've been trying to compile all the pics of MinMin
 but having a hard time coz there so many of them and most all, 
all of them are my favorites. Then I realize that I wanted to share it with you guys, 
so I decided to post it and call it Pic of the Week! 
 Every Friday we will post a favorite picture of MinMin and will tell why.
It can be an old or new pic from her updates to her projects and dramas!
You, Minnies and also can share what are your fave pics and why! 
Just simply email us or tweet us @simplysomin!

This was a twitter update of MinMin during the filming of
Can We Get Married, I super love this pic  bcoz MinMin have played
Hyehyun so well that we all invested in her character.
As per this picture its pretty obvious that she enjoyed doing the drama
As her off cam pics were usually lovely and happy!
Hopefully her next drama, it will be the same!

So this is my MinMin fave pic of the week, what's yours?
Will be glad to hear from you, Minnies! Til next time!


  1. the pouting beauty ... As alwys beautiful...

    Btw nice idea.. ill look forward to fridays now... Lol

  2. Preety as always..;)