Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jung So Min' s Twitter Updates 09March 2013!

Its bit late Korean time but MinMin 
updated few pics on the twitter!

Anyways, I think MinMin early gifts for her birthday coz one of the pics have 
happy birthday to it! And the cutest would be the Uzoodin shoes!
Hope we can see Minmin wearing it! ^_^

Credit: @h_monet


  1. the shoes is cute. hope she wear while celebrating her birthday and tweet the picture....

  2. i think this pair of shoes, is made in japan... if you watch the fm of hyun joong in peru. there is a fan video of uzoosin running from the bad guys... a uzoosin girl rescue the uzoosin boy .. maybe the giver, create the idea of " uzoosin couple shoes " and gave it to minmin as a pesent b'day gift... wishing minmin will use this shoes and post to her tweeter.