Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Official Photos] Jung So Min (정소민) - Ameblo Photo Update [March 9, 2013]

Credits: Jung So Min Japan Official Ameblo Page 

thanks for sharing ^^

할아버지 팔순잔치 참석하러 부산 가는 길~~ 쌩얼이라서 죄송합니다....^^;;;

그리고 이쁜 인형 보내주셔서 함께 찍어 보았어요!!! 감사합니다!!!! 


  1. i read from other blogs, minmin is going to busan on her grandfather b'days.. the peruan dolls with her.. lucky gf cyn...she loves your gift.

  2. Tomorrow is her birthday
    I wanna be the first people to say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINMIN' we love you so much..
    Luck will come to your way. .