Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty Jung So Min ( チョン・ソミン , 정소민 ) Ameblo Photo Update [May 23, 2013]

Pretty Jung So Min ( チョン・ソミン , 정소민 )
Ameblo Photo Update [May 23, 2013]

Sorry for the Late Update :))


  1. Any news for so min up coming project?Miss to see her again in any drama or film maybe?why so hard to see her in korean industry it if she appear in any variety show..

  2. MinMin is probably busy with her school. Hope to see her in a new film project soon. Her pubic appearance also excited a lot of us.

  3. I really miss her with Kim Hyun Joong :( I hope Directors in Korean Industry will have them together in another drama. Or what about having season 2 in Playful Kiss. Its such a cute drama, they act so natural, the chemistry is so strong.. Hope that this wish will be granted. HyunMin Couple fighting!!

  4. sorry kathy for visiting your blogs too late... i'm so worried, why so hard to find any news about minmin.... after her b'day, the news about her is so empty.. group eight, producer song byong yoon [producer of playful kiss ] promise minmin to give new a project... what happened to his promises, we are waiting to be fulfill his promises to minmin... thanks kathy for the post !!!

  5. Wish hyunmin will comeback soon on tv drama...miss them sooooooo much..