Monday, August 5, 2013

(Photo) 정소민 Jung So Min with Friends [Photo Update August 5, 2013]

Credits: JUNG SO MIN
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Photo Caption: 

태균오빠 덕분에 다녀온 지산락페!! 
간만에 스트레스 풀고 군것질 잔뜩하고 리듬좀 타고ㅋㅋ
운전하느라 수고한 박쑤민과 내사랑 응가❤

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  1. Thanks Only Somin for the post..
    Minmin went to Jisan Rock Festival... she was thanking Taekyun... she relieved stress, snacked a lot and got into rythm... which she haven't done for a while....
    Credit to Hana and Gf Row ^-^