Tuesday, August 6, 2013

(Photo) Jung So Min 정소민 - Photo Update [ August 6, 2013 ]

MinMin's got new photo update!
Happy that MinMin seems to active these days! 
Hopefully next update would be about possible project! 

Credit: Jung So Min KKS
Photo Caption

"동판교 i’m home. 말차아이스크림이 죽여줬다..캬.."


  1. Wallpaper of MM's home is so stylish and retro.It's nice to see you that you are happy at home

    1. Don't is your home. the ice cream shop is called "I'm home"
      MM said she was eating ice cream green tea in "I'm home"

  2. how cute you are !
    jung so min i am in love with you............

  3. Cute , pretty ... Minmin kissable lips... miss you in new project !!!

  4. always look cute, adorable, n stunning
    happy to see your pics. :)
    thanks for sharing her pics for us ^-^

  5. Minmin updated us with a pics of her...Her message, she mentioned is... at * I'm Home *.. eating a delicious * Green Tea Icecream *...
    Thanks to the * Standby HyunMin Japanese Group *... Who researched Minmin message.
    * I'm Home * is an icecream shop located near Minmins collrge. ^-^
    Created to GFS HyunMIN blogs...