Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Article] Kim Ji Suk And Jung So Min 정소민 To Star In KBS One-Act Drama 나에게로 와서 별이 되었다 ‘You Came To Me And Became A Star’

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Actor Kim Ji Suk and actress Jung So Min were chosen to play main characters in upcoming KBS2 TV Drama Special 2013 ‘You Came to Me and Became a Star’, to be directed by Kim Min-jeong and written by screenwriter Hwang In-hyuk.

‘You Came to Me and Became A Star’ tells the story of the men and women who live in a small room. It also depicts the love, joys and sorrows of young people these days who were drawn into work.

Kim Ji Suk will plays the character of a school instructor, Kang-Seok. Jung So Min will appear in the drama as a toy company employee named Ha Jin. Kang-Seok and HaJin clanked against the wall of reality and will unfold melodrama about struggling.

Kim Ji Suk will be reunited again with the viewers after a month. He acted in SBS weekend drama “Wonderful Mama” which already ceased last month. Jung So Min also returns in dramaland following her appearance in comprehensive channel JTBC drama “Can We Get Married?” which ended last January 1.

Official said, “Kim Ji Suk & Jung So Min will be acting together to create a reality melodrama for the audiences.”

Following, “The story will be a self-portrait of the story of young people living in this era”, he said.

Meanwhile,  ‘You Came to Me and Became a Star’ is scheduled to air in early November.


  1. LOVE IT !!!!!!
    Can't wait for the drama.....

  2. finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I'm looking forward to it..
    wish you all the best

  3. gosh.... cantwait.. so happy for this news. thanks!

  4. Thanks God my prayer be granted... a long wait for Minmin to see in a new drama...
    Kim Ji Suk and Minmin meet in Strong heart.. April , 2012 before airing Standby...
    KJS is handsome and good actor.. love to see Minmin paired with him...
    Thanks Kathy for the post ... ^^

  5. so mm will get a chance to come in happy together right.because all kbs2 drama that will be airing will come as a guest to promote their drama right..i hope she have a chance to come in happy together because that show have many can help mm to more shine and be known..

  6. Happy to hear that Somin is involved in a new drama project and to be broadcast on 3 November! :) Looking forward to see her on the TV screen again as I really miss her these days. :)

    Somin, Fighting!

  7. I was also pleased with his new drama MM, only one Korean artist that I like that is Jung So Min.

  8. So excited with this news. Best wishes to Minmin and her new drama.