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(Article) 빅맨 "Big Man" Jung So Min 정소민 with a one sided love, "I want to try it"

Cant wait to watch the DRAMA BIG MAN.

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"Big Man" Jung So Min with a one sided love, "I want to try it"

Actress Jung So Min, talked candidly about the "one sided love" that her character has.

Growing up as the only daughter of a chaebol group that belongs in the top 1 % of the Republic of Korea's economy, Jung So Min's unique character, Kang Jin Ah in the new KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama "Big Man", will show how it is to have a crush.

Jung So Min's character, Kang Jin Ah is unlike the usual chaebol daughter. With shocking red hair color and clothes that attract attention, with fast words and actions to the surprise of those around her. An amazing character.

Previously, actress Jung So Min appeared in "Bad Guy" and "Playful Kiss". Her character, Kang Jin Ah will have a crush on a male figure she sees in the "Big Man" bar. A lady chaebol with nobleness, more than anyone else, would boldly show her love.

Jung So Min talks about the crush her character Kang Jin Ah has on Kim Ji Hyuk in the drama (played by Kang Ji Hwan). "An unrequited love. For someone who is deficient in love, who actually never felt it, is unfamiliar with the amazement of love. A one sided love is personally deplorable, but it will turn your mind and give you cute aspirations."

In addition, Kang Jin Ah will showcase a dating style, "Once, I wanted to try it. However, because he was afraid, so I didn't try." On the other hand, Jung So Min said the secret about capturing a crush seems to be showing my appearance. But she admitted that the figure will be meaningful. "tell me a secret" and laughed.
The "Big Man" is about an orphan who lived in the bottom and grew up through life, gaining a new life as the eldest son of a conglomerate and fights the world to keep his beloved people.

Actress Jung So Min is expected to perform in the new KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama "Big Man" which will air its first broadcast this April 28.


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  1. Kang Jin ah will surely be an interesting character.......cant wait to watch......