Tuesday, May 13, 2014

(Article) Jung So Min 정소민 Acquires Three More Attractive Co-Stars For Movie, "Twenty"

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com

Which lucky actress gets to be Kim Woo Bin's girl in the film "Twenty?" It looks as if the role will go to Jung So Min, currently also starring as the spoiled young heiress in "Big Man." In that drama she loves Kang Ji Hwan.

"Twenty" will be her film debut but it's not her first opportunity to have an onscreen romance with an attractive k-drama actor. So far she has been romanced by the likes of Kim Hyun Joong and Sung Joon.

"Twenty" tells the story of three friends who are at the magical age when anything can happen. Jung So Min's character is dating one of the friends but they have all grown up together and all three young men like her.
Those friends are played by Kim Woo Bin, last seen in "The Heirs" and "School 2013," Kang Ha Neul of "the Heirs" and "Angel Eyes" and Junho, who won praise for his performance in the film "Cold Eyes."

Kim Woo Bin's character Chi Ho is a bit of a player in this story. Jung So Min plays his girlfriend but the fact that he adores girls can be expected to pose a problem. Junho plays a young man who wants to be a manga artist and Kang Ha Neul is the friend who grew up with everything he needs.

Jung So Min's character is described as pretty, smart and easy to get along with, which are qualities that can also be used to describe Jung So Min. The smart, easy-going actress has always worked well with her co-stars. She cites Lee Mi Sook, Han Groo, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Hyun Joong and Sung Joon as some of her favorite co-stars.

She once told Newsen that she got along well with her "Bad Guy" co-star Kim Nam Gil because he was so protective of her. "He was thoughtful in looking after me even in parts he wasn't in," she said. "It was my debut drama, and he taught me and led me along. After he got out of the army, he called regularly.

When she first began acting with Kim Hyun Joong, her co-star in "Playful Kiss," things were a little awkward but the two eventually developed a system of communications that pleased her.
"Gradually we are able to figure out signals that revealed a little more of what was in our hearts," she told Vogue in a magazine interview. "When we communicated through these signals, it was really very wonderful. Because we are both able to sense each other during those moments and at the same time I was also very grateful for those moments."

Another one of her favorite co-stars was Sung Joon, who she appeared with in the comedy "Can We Get Married?" "We work extremely well together," she said. "We can even ad-lib and the other person will just go with it."

Now the actress has three more attractive actors to add to her list of co-stars and potential friends.


  1. not only movies but i want Somin did some variety show too. i thinks her bright personality will bring any show entertaining like Running Man.They always invite the same idol or some actor and actress.I hope Somin will will get the chance too.I want her to be shine and get more project.More quality drama that can make her to be great actress..

  2. i want to see her more in Korean industry.Watching her bright personality always make me happy espcially when she laugh.

  3. I like to see Minmin in a hsitorical dynasty...If * Jewel in the Palace * will have season 2, i'm very proud to see her in that drama.... Jang Geum character is well known all over the world.
    Kang Ho Dong's New Variety Show, MBC : Wishing Star :First Episode - Kim Hyun Joong, special star... I would like to see Minmin also on that variety show of KHD like KHJ a very special Star !!!
    Thanks Kathy for the post.... ^^

  4. I want Min Min to be happy, choose what she wants to do, and enjoys what she is doing

    1. yes i want somin to choose anythings she want to do as long she happy and enjoy.But as a fan i cant help to see somin more in drama or any project.i want her to be in reality show.i admit i really dont stand some of reality show that always choose the same and popular idol or artist only to participate in their show.well they can to be blame also because its all about rating.but just one, i really want somin in reality show.i want her to be more known in the world and shine because she really deserved it.

  5. I would like jung so min and kim hyun joong in a drama again: '