Sunday, January 16, 2011

Worst Friends (최악의 친구들) trailer

Well, I think  all the Minnies are looking for the short film of MinMin 
and thanks to squishiee for the tip of the trailer of the short film "Worst Friends" 
(최악의 친구들), unfortunately our MinMin was not included yet in the trailer.

But still, below is the trailer of the short film and maybe next time we will
 find the whole movie itself and see Jung So Min in it.

[Kim Soohyun] 김수현 as 춘기 역
[Bae Hye Mi] 배혜미 as 인선 역
[Kim Eun Mi] 김은미 as 노박 역
[Kim Yoon Ji aka Jung So Min] 김윤지 as 망 역

[Plot Translation]

When 19-year-old Insun hears that her first sex partner is ever coming back from
 an unsuccessful American education trip, she is thrilled. 

Well, it seems like the movie was included in the Great Short Film Festival.

And also here's the other links for the info's that might be helpful in finding the film.

I do hope that we can really find this film because my curiosity is killing me!
Well, because the plot was kinda different and of course
I wanted to see Jung So Min's acting before she came into the limelight of being an actress.
But I bet she's good at it!

credits: squishiee, anniezawrr of youtube, happeeh for the links, daum


  1. She used her real name 'Kim hyun ji' before she become an actress? if i were her, i will use that name coz it's sweet to hear and seems it's the girl's name for kim hyunjoong hehe

  2. that's right.. i wonder why So MIn should change her real name into her stage name??

  3. hi, not sure if you've found this movie online... i have a youtube link to the movie raw :)MinMin is looking really pretty... (haven't watch all the links yet, but MinMin appears in here. I actually stumbled on this post cause i was looking for subbed footages x))

    and I'm just @_@ @ the amount of smoking and drinking in a Korean production x)
    part 1:
    Part 2:
    part 3:

    1. Can you tell me what should I write to find on youtube the film becuase your links didn't open on my moblie


    ~ if someone can please translate the short film to english, that would be great :D