Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MinMin's B-day Messages!!

Announcement! Announcement!

The Birthday Girl!!!

Hi Minnies!!!

We all know that Minmin's Birthday is coming up
and we would like to invite all of you
to write your messages for MinMin!

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We will be working hand-in-hand with jungsomin.com (MM's Viet site)
to gather all your messages and give them to MinMin as our gift.
We hope that all the Minnies will be united to give the love
 and support that MinMin truly deserve!

In line with this we added a new tab for all your messages or 
you can also email us at simplysomin@gmail.com
or you can leave the message even in the comment section.
Messages will be accepted until 20 Feb 2011.

So, Minnies don't be shy....speak up!! 
Let MinMin know that her international fans are there to support her!!
Surely all your messages will be appreciated by Minmin.


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