Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Managing Company Denies Rumors of Lee Jong Suk and (정소민) Jung So Min’s Relationship

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Recently, a series of rumours surrounding a possible romantic relationship between celebrities Lee Jong Suk and Jung So Min has surfaced. Lee Jong Suk’s managing company denied such rumours.

After pictures showing Lee Jong Suk and Jung So Min travelling to Japan on the same plane were revealed today, netizens and fans heatedly debated whether the two were in a relationship. In response to the wave of rumours, Lee Jong Suk’s management company replied, 

It is true that Lee Jong Suk travelled to Japan with his manager today for holiday, but he is there to see his Japanese friends. This has got nothing to do with Jung So Min.” similarly, Jung So Min’s managing company also made a similar statement,Jung So Min is in Japan for personal reasons, which do not relate to Lee Jong Suk. The rumours about the two are baseless.

Recently, Lee Jong Suk was featured in KBS 2TV’s “School 2013”, which has just finished airing. Jung So Min played the character of Hye Yoon in JTBC’s “Can We Get Married?” - a girl who is caught in between her family and her boyfriend in the midst of preparing to get married.


  1. omo!theres a picture of them on the same plane??can you post it,im dying to see o.o

    1. me too...

      admin, post the photo, please..

  2. Where is Kim Hyun Joong at this point of time? Just hoping that Jung So Min is going there to meet him.

    But i think some recent news mentioned that Kim Hyun Joong has been in Seoul for some time since filming for City Conquest was on hold.

    Hmm.....wishful thinking, i suppose

    1. Hi Anon, I ask my friend kathy (owner of kathysbench)
      she said.. Hyunjoong will go to japan today as well :) [february 5, 2013]
      his flight is at 5:45pm ^^

    2. very happy to know that ms jeanneth.... just a little hope that they are will meet there not with anybody else....

  3. I thought the airport incident was happened during MM's appearance on Kim Nam Gil fanmeet few weeks ago but it was not but yesterday?
    Ah oh, and so Hyun Joong is flying to Japan today, !!!! Hmmm..... this is interesting, huh...And Somin's twitpic today was probably taken in Japan. So she was pictured with JLS but the truth is she'll be meeting Hyun Joong in Japan. LOL.... Funny isn't it?

  4. wishful thinking minmin and hyun joong will meet in japan... thanks it was a rumor about minmin and lee jong suk.... but i hope minmin is in japan today 'cause i read the news hyun joong went to japan today.

  5. sorry guys, but I feel that Minmin not with HyunJoong, they do not have the same stuff or whatever. I actually really hope they are a couple in the real world. but from what I feel and look to prove that they are not a couple. I see a lot of similarities between the HJ and HB .. I really feel sad and shocked when I looked at their website. I was getting confused with this couple. but when Minmin went to Japan for the event KNG, HJ, who was also in Japan. and at Minmin reportedly went to Japan with LJS, HJ also in Japan. exactly what their relationship? but really, between HJ and HB are indeed a lot of the same things .. in fact very similar. such as rings, necklaces, clothes, and much more that makes me very sad and frustrating . thing about KHJ and JSM BTS video they have no guarantee of what actually happened. the web KHJ & JSM we only have a few pages about them, but on the web HJ & HB over 1000 pages. and it is true, same, and how about Minmin?
    indeed, in fact I really hope they are together in reality. but I think the possibility is very small and cramped. see all what happened between HJ & HB very convincing if they were a couple in fact. even from the beginning they played in the drama until the end of the PK .. so much stuff that they use and the twins. then if HJ was with HB, why he looks interested and have a better feeling for the JSM? please, someone can help confusion this .. sorry for the comment too much and too long, and my English is bad.

  6. hj might like older women because more experience he he just kidding

  7. ya .. maybe ..
    but for what purpose HJ seen approaching with MM??
    I saw it on their BTS video??
    if right HJ no interest with MM and already have a couple .. then what is the meaning of their BTS video?? does it's just a play or a drama only??
    especially on BTS holding hands ..

  8. likely to seek the attention of their fans in just a drama bts only and shake hands as a farewell that the film has been finished, but the truth is I'd rather hyunmin. Minmin because a nice young girl, naturally beautiful, and smart.

  9. yes .. once again maybe you're right ..
    indeed, at first I thought they did a couple .. but once I pick out and investigate, I feel they just pretend to be familiar with each other .. and maybe they just want to get attention of the fans that we want to see them play. well, I don't care with them. I just love and care for a MM.
    I hope and pray the best for her, and of course get a good boyfriend and certainly handsome more than HJ ..