Monday, February 4, 2013

[News] Lee Jong Seok denies Jung So Min (정소민) dating rumors

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Actor Lee Jong Seok recently denied all rumors that he is dating actress Jung So Min.

On February 4, an online media outlet reported that there were rumors about Lee and Jung having a romantic relationship and some people said that they even went on a trip to Tokyo together.

On the same day, a spokesperson for Lee said, “The rumors about a relationship between Lee and Jung so min are groundless.

Lee did fly to Japan today and we heard the rumors through the Internet so we even checked with the manager that went to Japan with Lee.

Lee and Jung so min met each other when they shot a commercial in 2011. But they haven’t met again since then, even in an informal setting.

I heard that Lee encountered Jung So Min at the airport by accident. But they didn’t go to Japan together,” the spokesperson added.

“Lee went to Japan to take some time off and to rest. He has friends there so he goes to Japan often. He will be back on February 6.”

Lee previously appeared on KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series School 2013, which went off air on January 28.

[from Korean News: STARNEWS]


  1. oh.. no... wish that's only a rumors, because I Wish somin only for KHJ . Hyunmin forever

  2. MinMIn and lee jong suk??
    I love them :)

    but it's just a rumors..

  3. What the heck. I hate this kind of rumor, making us all mad

  4. this is just gossip!
    but anyone, I will surrender, I'm happy for her, as long as it's the best.
    but HyuMin fondest memories will always be there and always in my heart, I can't forget them, forever.

  5. they shot a commercial together??what commercial??i haven't see them.

  6. yes jeanneth0316... i saw that commercial, minmins patner is kim so hyun, while lee jong seok is mi nah... oh ha nis best friend in playful kiss, i forgot her real name.... lee jong seok is also cute , but my heart falls for hyunmin couple forever... thanks its just a gossip !!!