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‘Big Man” 빅맨 Jung So Min 정소민 Puts Everything On The Line

‘Big Man” 빅맨 Jung So Min 정소민 Puts Everything On The Line
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‘Big Man” Jung So Min Puts Everything On The Line

Jung So Min showed his feelings for Kang Ji Whan.

On the 9th episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on May 26th, Kang Ji Whan (played by Kim Ji Whan) heard Jung So Min (played by Kang Jin Ah) say that to get everything, he would stop at nothing.

On this episode, Kang Jin Ah was having dinner with the family members of Daesam Group and said to Kang Sung Wook (played by Um Hyo Sup), “What did you do with Kim Ji Hyuk?” he asked. He promised Kim Ji Hyuk that he would send him safely to a foreign country but the actual person who left was another person with the same name as Ji Hyuk.

At this, Jin Ah left the scene and went to look for Ji Hyuk. Jin Ah who saw Ji Hyuk in front of her eyes said, “What are you going to do with my life? You have to feel guilty” and resented Ji Hyuk.

In the end, Jin Ah left his house and decided to live with Ji Hyuk. He told So Mi Ra who came to see her, “I can keep Kim Ji Hyuk. I”m an only child and I”m here so what are those people going to do.” More than this, Sang Ho (played by Han Sang Jin) said, “I can give it all up for him. Everything that I have” he said firmly and showed his feelings for Kim Ji Hyuk.

Netizens who saw this episode said, “Jung So Min is so pretty.” “Jung So Min, has an unexpected charisma.” “Jung So Min, how can you not love a woman like this?” and showed random reactions. 

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  1. Minmin dress suited for her in epi.9 ...even her co-star in Big Man gives their admiration to her.
    Love their chemistry of Ji Hyuk.. hoping the Scrip writer and PD would twist Jin Ah as lead actress for Ji Hyuk..... ^^
    Thanks Kathy for the post.