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Jung So Min 정소민, Kang Ji Hwan, Han Sang Jin, Daniel Choi andLee Da Hee reveals their thoughts about their drama “Big Man” 빅맨

Jung So Min 정소민, Kang Ji Hwan, Han Sang Jin, Daniel Choi andLee Da Hee  reveals their thoughts about their drama “Big Man” 빅맨

by Jamie May 28, 2014
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On May 27, at Ansung, Gyeonggi-do Arts Center, a press conference was held for the main characters of the KBS2 drama Big Man – Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Da Hee, Daniel Choi, Jung So Min and Han Sang Jin. The actors were interviewed about their thoughts toward the drama as well as with their experiences and participation.

Kang Ji Hwan plays as Kim Ji Hyuk shared, “The story of Big Man seemed to be predictable. Everyone knows what the answer will be. But, the interesting part and the biggest attraction about the drama is what the whole story would actually turn out to be. The drama looks plain with its plot but you’ll still see the strength behind every line.”

Actor Han Sang Jin plays as Do Sang Ho, also shared his thoughts and said, “Big Man is established by the great strength of teamwork. It has gathered good and notable actors. I also feel comfortable with the senior actors. When good people and good energy come together, good results also come out.”

Daniel Choi portrays the villain character in the drama as Kang Dong Seok. He shared, “When I first saw my role as a tycoon, I studied some films to observe old-fashioned villains so that I’ll be able to express my role well. Fortunately, my character seemed to come out well as well as the rest of the characters in the drama,” he said with satisfaction.

Lee Da Hee as So Mi Ra shared her thoughts, “I was really worried at first because my condition wasn’t well at that time. But, I told myself that I would do much better when filming begins.”

Lastly, actress Jung So Min plays as Kang Jin Ah. She shared her experience while filming the drama and said, “Filming the drama was really fun. But it also helps reveal what the problems are in the society. I would be really sad when the drama ends.”

Big Man broadcasted its first episode garnering 6% of viewership ratings. Then the ratings jumped off to 11.2% of ratings with its 8th episode aired on May 27th.

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