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Jung So Min 정소민 Vs. Lee Da Hee - "Who Wins The Dress Battle?" - KBS Drama BIG MAN 빅맨

Jung So Min 정소민 Vs.  Lee Da Hee -  "Who Wins The Dress Battle?"
KBS Drama BIG MAN 빅맨

By Staff Writer / BIG MAN Korean Drama FB FanPage | May 27, 2014

Lee Da Hee, Jung So Min "Model Body vs. Voluptuous Body"

Actresses Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min had a battle of the dresses and it is a topic of interest.

On the 10th episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama "Big Man" broadcast on May 27th, Lee Da Hee (role of So Mi Ra) was in the trailer with her stocking and astonishing scene wearing a wedding dress. 

In the released still cut of "Big Man", Lee Da Hee is wearing a white dress and looking like a goddess. Especially with her tall figure and a model-like body and showing off her body in a wedding dress.

In the actual filming set, Lee Da Hee who is wearing a wedding dress has appeared and is drawing out the surprise and applause of the staff members.

At this, on the episode of May 26th, Jung So Min is wearing a dress with a deep neckline showing and is attracting the attention of many.

On this episode, Jung So Min attracted attention with a golden dress and was an unexpected body line. At the dress battle, netizens said that the two look really well together and that they are inspiring her to diet.

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